LCCC and Chestnut Hill College Announce Transfer Agreement

published Friday, August 7, 2020
Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia have entered into a new transfer articulation agreement that allows LCCC graduates to transfer credits seamlessly to Chestnut Hill.
Students who have earned their associate of arts (A.A.) or associate of science (A.S.) degree from LCCC and meet the minimum requirements will be guaranteed acceptance with junior year status into Chestnut Hill. Graduates with an associate of applied science (A.A.S.) degree will be reviewed on an individual basis.
In addition, all general education requirements for Chestnut Hill College are fulfilled by A.A. and A.S. degree holders from LCCC, with the exception of credits in religious studies, global studies and ethics.
LCCC associate degree holders are eligible for academic scholarships or discounts of between $15,000 and $21,000, depending on GPA upon admission to Chestnut Hill as a full-time student. In addition, there is a 20-25% discount for admitted part-time students, dependent on the student’s GPA.
For more information, prospective students can contact LCCC admissions at or 610-799-1575.