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College Vision, Mission and Goals


Lehigh Carbon Community College will promote academic excellence, student achievement, and support of diverse populations as a comprehensive community college.


Lehigh Carbon Community College serves the community by providing high quality education that is affordable and accessible.


Value Statement

As a student-centered learning institution, Lehigh Carbon Community College values:

Learning: the development of foundational knowledge, critical thinking skills, and self-awareness, that advance intellectual, ethical, and social responsibility.

Student Development: best practices that engage and challenge students; foster individual growth, leadership and service; and intentionally support holistic development.

Instructional Excellence: an environment of best practices that engages and challenges students, advances intellectual curiosity; fosters lifelong learning with quality teacher-student contact and use of current technology.

Diversity: open dialogue for increased understanding of differing viewpoints; offering experiences that embrace the diversity of humanity.

Access: opportunity for students to pursue learning in an environment that supports identification and achievement of goals within their ability.

Partnerships: relationships that provide innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to meet the demands of the community and region’s economic development and workforce needs.

Employees: contributions, capabilities, collegiality, teamwork, and professional development of our employees.

Continuous Improvement: decision-making based on assessment, solid planning, and effective management of resources.


To advance the mission and vision of Lehigh Carbon Community College, five major themes for college wide goals were identified:

Overarching Theme: We are here to serve the best interests of our students.
Improve students’ chances for success: through college readiness, school district, workforce and community partners.
Broaden the understanding and application of best practices in enrollment management.
Foster student learning, student development, academic success, and persistence to goal attainment.
Ensure an environment to facilitate student learning and engagement.
Act responsibly and ethically in the stewardship and development of Institutional resources.

Many Voices, One Vision: Strategic Plan 2015-2018