Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees are established by the Board of Trustees. Tuition and fees listed are subject to change without notice.

Tuition and certain fees are based on school district and Pennsylvania residency. The college is sponsored by the nine school districts in Lehigh County and four of the five school districts in Carbon County: Allentown, Catasauqua, East Penn, Northern Lehigh, Northwestern Lehigh, Parkland, Salisbury, Southern Lehigh, Whitehall-Coplay, Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Palmerton, and Panther Valley. 

As part of the application process, students provide the college with residency information. Each school district is responsible for determining whether students are residents of the district and whether to sponsor them resident tuition. Residency requirements vary among the sponsoring school districts. Students should be familiar with the residency requirements of their school district. 

For information concerning residency requirements, contact the Business Office at 610-799-1592 or email at School district contacts will be provided for residency sponsorship.

Pre-sponsorship: Students who have established Commonwealth residency and reside in one of the sponsoring districts ninety days prior to the start of the semester, but do not meet all the other residency requirements of the district, shall be granted sponsoring rates upon providing documentation to LCCC Business Office.

Tuition and Basic Fees

Tuition and fees are charged as follows: Students who register for 12 to 18 credits will be charged a block rate for tuition and fees. Students registering from 1 to 11.99 credits will be charged the per credit charge for tuition according to the chart below.

Fall 2023 Sponsoring district of LCCC Other PA resident Out-of-state or foreign student Residents of Schuylkill County
Full-time Tuition
(12-18 credits per semester)
$1,875.00 $3,750.00 $5,625.00 $2,812.50
Capital outlay fee $135.00 $270.00 $135.00
Comprehensive fee $360.00 $360.00 $360.00 $360.00
Technology fee $360.00 $360.00 $360.00 $360.00
Total Full-Time Tuition and Fees $2,595.00 $4,605.00 $6,615.00 $3,667.50
Part-time Tuition
(1-11 credits per semester) and credits in excess of 18 per semester
$135 per credit $270 per Credit $405 per credit $202.50 per credit
Capital outlay fee* $9.00 $18.00 $9.00
Comprehensive fee* $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00
Technology fee* $24.00 $24.00 $24.00 $24.00
Total Tuition and Fees Per Credit Hour $183.00 $327.00 $471.00 $259.50

* Per credit fees

Other Fees (Non-Refundable) Cost
Bad Check Fee    $30
Cougar Payment Plan Fee    $25/$35
Cougar Payment Plan Late Fee    $25
ID Replacement Fee    $5
Late Registration Fee    $5
Prior Learning Assessment Fee    $125
Proctored Test Fee    Varies

-Please note, additional course fees in varying amounts may apply to Art, Aviation, Nursing, and other   courses.
-Please refer to the Credit Catalog for a full list of course fees and other fees.
-The Comprehensive Fee is charged to fund access to tutoring, counseling, career counseling, food pantry, clubs and organizations, library resources, and the fitness center.
-The Technology Fee supports the learning management system, licenses, help desk, IT support and  the infrastructure, and the technology in the library.


-Veterans/Military will only be charged sponsored rates.
-Lehigh Carbon Community College, will return any unearned DOD tuition assistance funds received on a prorated basis through at least the 60% portion of the period for which the funds were received. Funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending.

Dual Enrollment/Early College Tuition

Dual Enrollment (sponsored school districts)
  -Courses taught by sponsor instructor - $30 per credit
  -Courses taught by college instructor - $70 per credit
Dual Enrollment (non-sponsored school districts)
  -Courses taught by non-sponsor instructor - $96 per credit
  -Courses taught by college instructor - $111 per credit
Early College (sponsored school districts)
  -Courses taught by college instructor - $70 per credit

Senior Citizen Tuition Policy

Students over the age of sixty years residing in the college-sponsor school districts are eligible for free tuition in  credit courses on a space available basis as of the day the course begins. Senior citizen students will pay all course fees or costs such as laboratory fees and out-of-pocket course costs incurred and paid for by the college such as for third party services provided, including, but not limited to, truck driving certifications shall be paid for by the senior citizen student.

College Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from their classes will have their tuition recalculated based upon liable credit hours, which are calculated according to when in the semester the withdrawal request process is completed. No refunds are made after 20% of the course has been completed. The date of official withdrawal is when the Office of Registration/Student Records has all the properly completed forms.  

An official withdrawal must be done in writing through the Office of Registration and Student Records before or during the first week of the semester.

Tuition Financial Obligation

Tuition is based upon liable credit hours. The refund period is equal to 1/15 of a scheduled class. The information below details the financial obligation of the student based on what refund period the class withdrawal occurs. For the actual refund period date ranges, please click on the link below:




Before and during the first refund period of classes - 0% credit hour liability (no tuition is owed)

  • ​Within the second refund period of classes - 50% credit hours liability (must pay 50% of tuition charges)
  • Within the third refund period of classes - 75% credit hour liability (must pay 75% of tuition charges)
  • After third week of regularly scheduled classes - 100% credit hour liability (must pay all tuition charges)
  • Tuition liability amount and dates after the semester has begun (Summer 2023 semester)
    • [0% 5/22-5/23] [50% 5/24-5/26] [75% 5/27-5/31] (Summer 1st 5 Weeks)
    • [0% 5/22-5/26] [50% 5/27-6/2]   [75% 6/3-6/7]      (Summer 10 Weeks)
    • [0% 7/10-7/11] [50% 7/12-7/14] [75% 7/15-7/17]  (Summer II semester)
  • Tuition liability amount and dates after the semester has begun (Spring 2023 semester)
    • [0% 1/23-1/30] [50% 1/31-2/5] [75% 2/6-2/12] 
  • Tuition liability amount and dates after the semester has begun (Fall 2023 semester)
    • [0% 8/28-9/5] [50% 9/6-9/12] [75% 9/13-9/19] 
Please note:  There are different parts of each term with different refund and withdrawal dates.
Fee Refunds (Basic Fees, Upon Formal Withdrawal)
  • Before and during the first week of semester - fees are 100% refundable. 
  • Students who submit a total withdrawal during the first week of classes will be assessed a $100 service fee.
  • ​During the second week of classes, students are liable for 50% of charged fees.
  • During the third week of classes, students are liable for 75% of charged fees.
  • There will be no fee refunds for students who withdraw after the third week of classes.

-Tuition will not be refunded to students who drop and still remain in the 12-18 credit block.
-Tuition will be refunded to students who are taking less than 12 or more than 18 credits, based on the college's refund policies.
-In the event the college must cancel a class for lack of sufficient enrollment, all tuition and fees are refunded.

Collection Process

Lehigh Carbon Community College utilizes a standard collection process.  Delinquent accounts will be sent to a collection agency in which the collection agency will impose collection fees.  Collection fees are calculated at the maximum amount permitted by applicable law, but not to exceed 33.3% of the amount outstanding.  Also, delinquent accounts may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus.

In addition, student transcripts are withheld and the college will deny registration and readmission to students who:

  • Are indebted to the college.
  • ​Have failed to return books or equipment loaned to them.

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Agreement acknowledges the student financial responsibility and understanding of the financial policies of the college. This form will need to be completed each semester. Students are responsible to make sure payment is submitted to their account either directly, by financial aid, or by a third party.

Tuition Due Dates

  • Fall 2023 semester tuition payment is due on July 12, 2023
  • Summer 2023 semester tuition payment is due on May 3, 2023
  • Spring 2023 semester tuition payment is due upon registration
  • Dual Enrollment tuition payment is due at the time of registration unless a special arrangement has been made with the school district

For specific refund periods for classes that start other than the first week of the semester, or classes that are not the full semester in duration, contact the Office of Registration/Student Records at 610‑799-1171. Refunds for dropped courses are issued after the refund period has ended.