Bookstore Credit

  • What is a Financial Aid bookstore credit?

    Financial Aid bookstore credit is created from any excess financial aid on the student’s account after the payment of tuition and fees. It can be used at the LCCC bookstores to purchase books, course materials, and other essential classroom supplies such as notebooks, pens, etc.  

  • How do I access Financial Aid bookstore credit?
    The Office of Financial Aid will email all students WHEN and IF they become eligible to receive Financial Aid bookstore credit. You can access your credit by going to: 
    • Login to myLCCC from LCCC's home page (
    • Look for "Connect to BannerWeb" from the LaunchPad and click.
    • Click on "student."
    • Locate "Student E-bill Statement" and click
    • Click on the "Bookstore Voucher" tab (This tab is available only IF you are eligible to receive a bookstore credit.  Bookstore credit comes from any excess financial aid on your account.  If you have not yet been awarded financial aid, have not fully accepted your financial aid or do not have more financial aid than the cost of tuition and fees, then you will not have bookstore credit.) 
    • You may print the bookstore credit voucher and take it with you to the bookstore in order to purchase your books.  The bookstore will have your book credit voucher information. 
  • When is bookstore credit available?
    Bookstore credit is generally available 10 calendar days before the start of classes. Look for an email to your LCCC email address, so you know when bookstore credit is available for that semester. New bookstore credit is generated every semester that a student is eligible for financial aid and has excess funds available after the payment of tuition and fees.
  • What if I do not have bookstore credit even though I heard other students have bookstore credit?

    You may need to complete a requirement or provide additional information to the Office of Financial Aid in order to receive bookstore credit.  Please check your portal for any outstanding requirements or contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 610-799-1133.

  • Do I have to provide paper proof of my bookstore credit to the bookstore?
    You do not have to provide paper proof of bookstore credit to purchase books at the LCCC bookstore. The LCCC bookstore recommends providing a copy of your class schedule to the bookstore since books are section specific. Please bring your LCCC photo ID as well.    
  • Why does bookstore credit expire?
    Financial Aid bookstore credit expires immediately before the disbursement date so that financial aid refunds can be accurately calculated and prepared for release.
  • How do I use Financial Aid to pay for my books online?
    Go to the LCCC bookstores website and follow the instructions 
  • How do I purchase an eBook?

    The required and recommended materials for your course will specify if there is a digital version available.  If there are both physical and digital versions available, it is the student's choice of which to use.  If you have questions about a specific course, ask the campus bookstore.  

  • What if I have more questions about textbooks, course materials, or supplies?
    Visit the LCCC Main Campus Bookstore at, email them at or call them at 610 799 1126.  
  • What about text rentals?
    Text rental is available at  Under the catagory BOOKS you will find information about text rentals.  
  • What if I have more questions about my financial aid?

    Check your portal account first at myLCCC from LCCC's home page  Email the Office of Financial Aid at or telephone at 610-799-1133.