Business Office/Payments

Tuition Payment Due Dates:

- Spring 2023 semester tuition payment is due upon registration.
- Summer 2023 semester tuition payment is due May 3, 2023.
- Fall 2023 semester tuition payment is due on July 12, 2023.

- Payment plans are available at the Business Office and online in the myLCCC portal.

- Dual Enrollment students, please note, payment is due at the time of registration unless a previous arrangement has been made with your school district.

1098T Forms for the 2022 tax year are now available in the myLCCC portal

The Business Office at LCCC is committed to providing quality customer service.  If you need help understanding your bill or have any other billing relating questions, please contact the Business Office at 610-799-1592 or email at

Paying for College

Payment Information
The LCCC Business Office accepts cash, checks and credit card payments at the Schnecksville campus. 
Only checks and credit card payments are accepted at the Donley and Tamaqua campuses.
     - Credit card payments can also be made securely over the phone by calling 610-799-1592.
     - Online payments made with a credit card or bank account can be made through the myLCCC portal.  

To View/Print your E-bill
Please log into myLCCC portal.  Click on Bannerweb, Student Self Service, Student Accounts, Statement and Payment History.

Online Payment Instructions
*Please use Microsoft Edge as the browser and make sure the pop-up blockers are turned off.

Student Users:
 To make an online payment, please log into myLCCC portal.  Once logged into the student portal, click the red tile "Pay Student Bill", Touchnet Account Suite, Make Payment.

Authorized Users: If someone other than the student is paying for classes, please have the student log into myLCCC portal.  In the portal, click the red tile "Pay Student Bill", Touchnet Account Suite, click on "Authorized Users" and follow the instructions that follow.  Please note, for first time Authorized Users, you will be prompted to change your password once you log in.

Payment Plans
Payment plans are offered each semester. Students are encouraged to set up their payment plan online through the myLCCC portal.  The online payment plan automatically drafts the payments on each installment due date.  Students who do not wish to set up their payment plan online can do so in person at the Business Office or at any of our other campuses. Please note, there is a fee of $25 for the online payment plan and a fee of $35 for the in-house payment plan. This fee, along with the first installment payment, are due at the time the payment plan is set up.  Any late payment plan installment payments will incur a $25 late fee after being late for 5 days.

Online Payment Plan Set Up Instructions
To set up an online payment plan, please log into myLCCC portal.  In the portal, click the red tile "Pay Student Bill", Touchnet Account Suite, Payment Plans. There are different payment plans available as an option.

Lanta Bus Passes: Lanta Bus Passes are available at the Business Office. We offer a 31-day bus pass and a 10 ride bus pass. Please inquire at 610-799-1592 for the cost.

Residency: Information is available at
Each school district is responsible for determining whether students are residents of the school district in order to grant resident tuition. Residency requirements vary among the school districts.

Presponsorship: Pre-sponsorship is avaiable to students who have established Commonwealth residency and reside in one of our sponsoring districts for ninety days prior to the start of the semester, but do not meet all the other residency requirements of the district. Students will need to submit documentation to LCCC Business Office.

Financial Responsibilty Agreement: This agreement acknowledges the student financial responsibility and understanding of the financial policies of the college. This form will need to be completed each semester. Students are responsible to make sure payment is submitted to their account either directly, by financial aid, or by a third party.

Digital Book Fees: Some digital book fees are included in the student bills. Students will receive an email from or will have access to the books in Canvas on the first day of classes. To opt out of the digital access, please email the bookstore at This may result in losing access to the digital platform where homework, tests, quizzes are completed for the course. The bookstore will provide the deadline for submitting the request to opt out of this service.

Bookstore Credit: Notification will be sent to the student LCCC email address approximately ten calendar days before the start of the semester. A copy of the student schedule and LCCC photo ID will be required at the bookstore. The financial aid option is available as a payment method when the order is made online at The bookstore credit is capped based upon enrollment and the availability of funds. The credit available can be used to purchase books and supplies. Some of the Items that will not be allowed to be purchased include furniture, tv, projectors, clothing, cosmetics, cell phones, watches, magazines, gift cards, greeting cards, candy, food, water bottles, airtags, and textbooks not required for class. There will be a limit on electronic items that can be purchased during the semester. 
For additional information, please visit

Refunds:  BankMobile is our third party processor for refunds. Once classes have been registered, BankMobile will mail a personal code for students to select their refund preference. BankMobile will need to be notified of any address changes at 1-877-327-9515 in addition to the LCCC Business Office.

Business Office Contact Information & Hours
VisitSSC 100 Main Campus
8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday  
Call/Fax Ph: 610-799-1157 or 1592
Fax: 610-799-1641