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The College Catalog will provide descriptions of each program of study and the courses required. Search the list of available courses and sections for the current and next semester. In the search results, see the "Location" information to determine if the course you want is online, a hybrid or on-campus. Note that not all courses are offered every semester. An advisor can help you plan ahead.

Fully Online Programs and Degrees:

Associate Degrees Code Catalog Page
Accounting A.A.S. ACC 54
Business Administration A.A. BUAA 57
Business Management A.A.S. BMG 58
Criminal Justice Administration A.A.S. CJA 62
Education A.A. EDUA 69
General Studies A.A. GSAA 132
Human Resource Management A.A.S. HMN 72
Liberal Arts A.A. LIBA 133
Paraprofessional/Special Education A.A.S. PAR 80
Special Education A.A. EDSA 83


Certificates and Specialized Credit Diplomas Code Catalog Page
Accounting Certificate ACCC 55
Administrative Assistant Certificate ADMC 56
Business Management Certificate BMGC 59
Corrections Certificate CRRC 60
Early Childhood Education Director Specialized Credit Diploma ECDD 64
Early Childhood Education Specialized Credit Diploma ECED 65
Early Childhood Education/Early Intervention Certificate ECIC 67
Early Childhood Education/Early Intervention Specialized Credit Diploma ECID 68
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Specialized Credit Diploma ENBD 70
Human Resource Management Certificate HMNC 73
Infant-Toddler CDA Prep Specialized Diploma ECTD 75
Law Enforcement Certificate LAWC 76


Online Programs With Some Campus Requirements

Program Code Catalog Page Campus Requirements
Health Information Technology A.A.S.  HIT 126 BIO-163 and BIO-164 labs taken on campus
Early Childhood Education A.A.S. ECE 63 MAT-125 and MAT-126 taken on campus
Psychology A.S. PSYS 134 BIO-101 lab taken on campus
Criminal Justice Administration A.A. CJAA 61 2 lab sciences – labs taken on campus


Lehigh Carbon Community College has articulation agreements with numerous colleges and universities. These agreements are formal transfer policies between LCCC and other colleges and universities to assist the transfer student. If you would like additional information about transferring, you can contact Transfer Services.