Education and Public Services

Do you enjoy teaching or inspiring others? Are you driven to ensure safety and wellbeing in our community?
The Education and Public Service pathway will interest students who enjoy influencing lives, teaching new ideas or skills, are strong communicators and value rules, laws and safety.  Students in this pathway tend to pursue careers in education, government and public administration industries but can be employed in others.
Students interested in pursuing further education can start at LCCC and transfer credits to other institutions, many of which hold transfer agreements. For further information, speak with an academic advisor.
Partial List of Possible Careers
College/University Instructor
Compliance Officer*
Correctional Officer
Court Clerk
Early Childhood Educator
Early Intervention/Special Education Specialist
Elementary School/High School Teacher*
Police Officer
Security Guard
Social Worker
Teacher Aide
Check out the numerous transfer opportunities to colleges and universities across Pennsylvania. 
Ways to explore this pathway:
Attend city council or other local government meetings
Coach a youth sports team
Job shadow a person in your career of interest
Participate in student government or run for an organization’s board
Tutor a family member or friend

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