Kitchen and Bath Design A.A.S. (KBD)

Attention This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.

The Kitchen and Bath Design Associate Degree program utilizes training materials supplied and supported by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and follows the NKBA guidelines in all design coursework. 

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as kitchen and bath designers in the creative world of kitchen and bathroom design. Specialty topics covered will include interior design, architectural drafting, color and lighting, spatial planning, and computer-aided drafting (CAD), which will greatly enhance students’ learning experience.

Graduates of this program would work in kitchen and bath design showrooms and would be involved in working with clients, creating room layouts, preparing accurate cost estimates, and overseeing the installation process.

The working graduate would work toward becoming a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) or a Certified Bath Designer (CBD).

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • design kitchens and bathrooms that are both functional and aesthetically attractive.
  • explain the processes necessary to take a kitchen or bath design from conception to completion.
  • create designs using industry standard CAD software and components.
First Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
KBD 101 Introduction to Interior Design 3
MET 104 Manufacturing Materials 3
KBD 104 Kitchen/Bath Design Principles 3
ENG 105 Research and Composition 3
MAT 118* Business and Financial Mathematics 3
Semester Total 15
Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
MET 111 Computer-Aided Drafting 4
KBD 102 Color and Textures 3
BUS 152 Principles of Sales 3
ENG 107 Writing in the Workplace 3
Elective Social Science/Humanities 3
Semester Total 16
Third Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
KBD 201 Kitchen/Bath Graphic Design 4
KBD 103 Interior Finishing 4
ENG 111 Speech 3
ART 110 or
ART 115
Drawing I
Painting I
KBD 105 Kitchen/Bath CAD Design 2
Semester Total 16
Fourth Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
KBD 202 Kitchen/Bath Estimating 2
KBD 203 Kitchen/Bath Studio 4
KBD 210 Intern Experience 1
BUS 120 Introduction to Business Organization 3
PHY 101 or
PHY 103
Conceptual Physics
Fundamentals of Physics
Elective Social Science/Humanities 3
Semester Total 16
Credit Total 63

*MAT 118 or higher level math course; however, MAT 105 is a prerequisite for PHY 110.