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Lehigh Carbon Community College

As a Hispanic Serving Institution with more than 25% of its student body identifying as Hispanic or Latinx/a/o, LCCC is committed to fostering communities of mutual empowerment and support among Latinx/a/o college students. In order to achieve this we have created a 1-credit First-Year Experience course called ASPIRA. In it, we explore topics of interest to Latinx/a/o students such as Latinx/a/o identity, acculturation, community, and leadership. In addition, we cover college success strategies and resources that are available to all LCCC students! Being part of this community will help you find your school familia and connect you with champions to support your personal and career goals. When you succeed, we all do. You matter and you help make LCCC a better place.

How do I participate in the ASPIRA First Year College Experience?

First-year Latinx/a/o students at the college can enroll in a 1-credit ASPIRA First-Year Experience (FYE) course. Complete the interest form above or speak with your Academic Advisor directly.

What will the ASPIRA FYE seminar cover?

The ASPIRA seminar will address specific topics of interest to Latinx/a/o students, such as:

  • Being a Latinx/a/o college student
  • Being Latinx/a/o in the United States
  • Overcoming obstacles while completing your education
  • Getting support from family, friends, and your community

The course will also discuss college success topics such as:

  • Accessing the resources available to help you succeed
  • Time management
  • Taking useful notes
  • Studying for essay and multiple-choice tests

Who do I talk to about the program?

If you have any questions regarding the course content or programming, please contact Natalie DeRosa, Latinx Support Coordinator, via email at

You may also contact Dr. Hazel Carrera, Academic Advisor at or your Academic advisor


What is the cost?

There is no cost for this class. Tuition and fees for Aspira will be either covered by a grant or financial aid.