Technical Skills and Advanced Manufacturing

Employees and potential employees in the rapidly growing advanced manufacturing industry need to continuously upgrade their skills and demonstrate mastery of sophisticated technical skills, high level workplace competencies, and leadership skills to meet the demands of the fast-paced workplace of the future.

Traditional educational models are being adapted to award recognition for skills gained in the workplace or attained through ongoing education and training. LCCC is engaged in a project to identify and award micro-credentials to individuals demonstrating competency in manufacturing related skill sets. Individuals can earn these micro-credentials in several ways:
  • assessment and demonstration of skills acquired through work experience
  • successful completion of training modules related to defined skills or job level
  • skills and concepts learned in a credit class can align with a third party credential or micro-credential
Electro-mechanical manufacturing certificates, credentials, and micro-credentials

One value of the micro-credential is that the student has the ability to identify specific skills required for job success and take short courses that specifically address those needs.

These micro-credentials are stackable. A student can take as few or as many micro-credential courses as needed. These “stack” toward certificates in a specific program area. Certificates can then be combined for credit toward a degree program in the related field.

In addition to technical skill recognition through micro-credentials, LCCC awards badges. Badges are used to acknowledge skills sets necessary for employability and leadership in today’s organizations. Presently these are used to recognize completion of a range of workshops related to soft skills and leadership competencies.

Micro-credentials and badges combine to create a clear picture of the skillsets an individual brings to the workplace. When paired with specific job descriptions, on-the-job mentoring, and a clearly defined organizational talent pipeline, these serve to assist in identifying the qualifications of individuals seeking employment or advancement.

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