Mechatronics Pre-Apprenticeship Program

The Mechatronic Pre-Apprenticeship program is designed to prepare students with the next generation of skills to work in a computer-driven, data-intensive advanced manufacturing workplace.

The course combines online learning and simulation, self-study, and hands-on demonstration of skills supervised by one of our skilled and experienced instructors. The technical portion of this Pre-Apprenticeship program is based on LCCC's Industrial Automation Level 1 Certificate program. LCCC is an experienced provider of this training which represents some of the most robust learning opportunities within the Advanced Manufacturing Group.

  • Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Fluid Power Systems
  • Computer Systems

Attending the course has these benefits:

  • Offers students a robust introduction to Mechatronics theory
  • Allows documentation of hands-on electrical, mechanical, fluid power, and computer skills
  • Opportunity to earn PMMI Mechatronic certifications in Industrial Electricity 1 and  Mechanical  Components 1

Cost of course: $1,950 per person (reduced to $0 if eligible for PA WedNet funding).

For more information, please contact: