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Certified Production Technician is now a registered pre-apprenticeship with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

The newest workforce development program at Lehigh Carbon Community College, Certified Production Technician (CPT+), was just approved as a registered pre-apprenticeship by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.  

All registered pre-apprenticeships are required to have a connection to existing registered apprenticeships and are required to provide a combination of instructional based learning with hands-on skill-building. The CPT+ program at LCCC is connected to the registered apprenticeship programs at Mack Trucks and Ocean Spray Cranberries. 

The major benefit of having a program registered as a pre-apprenticeship is that employers know that the students graduating from the course are essentially pre-screened in terms of skills and knowledge to move into apprenticeship programs at the local employers.

The Certified Production Technician program at Lehigh Carbon Community College provides 200 hours of instruction related to advanced manufacturing.  140 hours of the program are a combination of online and classroom led instruction. It is then combined with 60 hours of hands-on training on the Skill Boss, which provides opportunities to learn skills covering program areas of safety, quality, manufacturing processes, and maintenance. 

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CPT State Approval Document

LCCC Workforce

Susan M. Fegley
Director of Training
Air Products, PA
"At Air Products the training our employees received through LCCC have helped to improve the knowledge of our workforce. Our Supervisors, Managers, Technicians, Operators and others have received training in Excel, Time Management and other supervisory courses to improve their leadership and teamwork skills and promote diversity. LCCC not only provided courses on campus but also at our plant, which made it easier for our employees to attend.

We recently completed a plant wide survey and overall scores for diversity, respect, teamwork, recognition and having a “safe to say” environment were very high and improvement was noted from the prior year, most likely due to the “Leadership and Diversity” training provided by LCCC. We are very happy with the relationship we have with LCCC and look forward to utilizing LCCC to continue to improve the knowledge and skills of our workforce even more in the future."
Deborah Bamford
Training Administrator
"We completed the “Skills for Emerging Leaders” training through LCCC and the course provided the participants with the tools and techniques we were hoping for. We were able to meet with our instructor, Judy Bowen, ahead of time to customize the course and relate it to the needs of our company.

Maureen Donovan, the Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership and Workforce Development at LCCC, worked with us to arrange a course schedule that was not a burden and spreading the training over 6 weeks allowed us to practice our new skills between classes. Judy and Maureen were great and the training exceeded all of our expectations! We plan to schedule this training again in the near future for other managers in our company."
Robert Black
Vice President
"I recently completed a two day LCCC course on Customer Service Excellence conducted by Mr. Jim Byrnes. In a business career which has spanned over 35 years, I have attended countless seminars and training’s, including management and personal self-help courses. I cannot remember when I have been this moved or inspired by an instructor.

Jim was incredibly effective and engaging in presenting the course material. He was able to draw on real-life experiences and insights drawn from his own long career as a small business owner; these provided credibility and enabled a real rapport with the students.

I was impressed with his ability to weave stories and anecdotes into the subject matter to keep the material fresh and lively. The eight hours went amazingly quickly.

I offer my highest praise and thanks to Jim Byrnes for a job well done. LCCC is fortunate to have someone of his caliber on their faculty."

Steven Furman
Facilities Manager
Mack Trucks, Macungie PA
"At Mack Trucks we were previously using 4 different Colleges and Technical Schools for the training and education of our Skilled Trade Apprentices, Technicians and Operators. Class scheduling was very difficult as we run all three shifts. Leigh Carbon Community College offered a solution. Director Tom Bux and his educational staff customized on site and off site classes that surpassed our expectations. They made great efforts to not only to meet our employee’s training requirements. They took the burden upon themselves and developed class schedules that worked well with our employee’s work schedules.

LCCC provided an outstanding level of service and quality education for our employees. We look forward to many dealings with them in the future."