Why Was My Financial Aid Reduced

Financial aid is made available by the United States Department of Education to assist with the cost of education. Any amount of financial aid that is reduced or canceled and consequently not used for the cost of education must be returned to the United States Department of Education.

Financial aid is issued based on a student’s registration costs of tuition and fees as noted on the student’s bill which is created when the student registers in classes. Even if the student stops attending his/her classes during a semester, the student remains responsible for tuition and fee charges as they appear on the student’s bill. Financial aid may be reduced or canceled for any of the following reasons and may result in the student owing a balance to the college.

  1. If a student is awarded up to the cost of attendance and is subsequently awarded a state grant, the student's loan eligibility may be reduced so that the state grant can be applied to the student's account.  The result is the student receives a state grant and will have less to repay on his/her student loan.  
  2. If a class or classes are dropped by a student but some class enrollment remains during the first three weeks of the semester, the office of financial aid is required by law to reduce the student’s financial aid based on the number of credits in the remaining classes. This means a student’s financial aid will be reduced and the student may owe money to the college.
  3. If at any time during the semester, the student completes a total withdrawal, the student’s financial aid is prorated based on the amount of time the student has spent in class. After the financial aid is prorated the student may owe money to the college.
  4. If at the end of the semester, a student’s instructors report a last date of attendance in all of that student’s classes because the student has stopped attending his/her classes sometime before the official end of the semester, the student’s aid is prorated to that last date of attendance and his/her financial aid is adjusted. After the financial aid is adjusted, the student may owe money to the college.