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Disbursements and Refunds

The Office of Financial Aid disburses financial aid to student accounts four weeks after the beginning of a semester.  However enrollment in late start classes will delay all or a part of a financial aid disbursement until the late start class has begun.  For students attending only one semester, disbursements are made twice during the one semester of attendance. 

Once financial aid disburses, it is applied toward the students’ charges as they appear on the students’ accounts.

Refunds are created when a student receives more financial assistance than the cost of tuition, fees and books. Refunds from excess financial aid are released to students 14 calendar days after the disbursement date of each semester by the LCCC Business Office.

The Lehigh Carbon Community College Business Office partners with Higher One for the delivery of refunds using the LCCC Cougar Card.

The LCCC Cougar Card will be sent in the mail to the primary address on file with LCCC. It will arrive in a green envelope.

Upon receipt of the LCCC Cougar Card, follow these three steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Set up. Enter your card number to get started.
  3. Choose. Select the option that best fits you.