Accommodation Appeal Process

This appeal process shall apply to situations where a student has followed the established procedures to request accommodations on the basis of a disability, and the request has been denied. All other student grievances shall follow the college’s procedures outlined in the LCCC student handbook. 

  1. The student should discuss the concerns with the individual(s) responsible for providing the accommodation within 5 working days of requesting the accommodation.This individual could be an instructor or staff member of Disability Support Services. 

  2. If unresolved, the student shall file a written appeal within 10 working days to Disability Support Services. The written appeal shall state the accommodation, initial reason for denial, and why the accommodation should not be denied. The Disability Support Services ad-hoc committee, consisting of the Associate Dean of Educational Support Services, the Dean of Student Services, and the coordinator of the department involved, will review the case within 10 working days of the student’s written appeal and render a decision within 5 working days. 

  3. If still unresolved, the student shall file a written appeal to the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs within 10 working days after the ad-hoc committee’s decision. The Vice-President will render a decision within 5 working days. 

  4.  A final written appeal may be made to the College President, whose decision is final.