Internships provide real world experience to students looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.  They are designed to give students an opportunity to combine classroom study with practical on-the-job experience.  Some majors require internships and therefore provide students the ability to earn academic credit while gaining valuable work experience many employers seek in potential employees.  Students typically have a certain amount of hours to satisfy the internships requirements which can range anywhere from 150-300 hours based on the number of credits they will receive upon completion of the internship experience.  Internships may be paid or unpaid and have a supervisor who will assign specific tasks and evaluate their overall work.  For internships that receive academic credit, a faculty advisor will work along with the site supervisor to ensure that the necessary learning is taking place.

Career Development Center is available to assist students in securing internship opportunities.  The following outlines the steps a student must follow to initiate the internship process:

  • Start the process one semester prior to the internship
  • Meet with your faculty advisor about the type of internship and requirements for that program
  • Contact the Career Development Center at 610-799-1090 to schedule an appointment
  • Meet with the Internship Coordinator to develop a professional resume 
  • Target companies that would be a good fit for your internship experience
  • Secure the internship and submit all required paperwork to the Career Development Center by the deadline
  • Register for the class

Many college students seek internships to gain relevant experience in a particular career field as well as to get exposure to determine if they have a genuine interest in the field. Internships are an excellent way to begin building those all important connections that are invaluable in developing and maintaining a strong professional network for the future. 

 Walt Disney World College Program:

Students can participate in the Walt Disney World College Program through enrollment in IDS 270: Walt Disney World Experience. This program is a combination of working, learning and living experience open to all majors. Students spend four to seven months working at Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Participation in the program is competitive and based on approval by Disney recruiters. See Walt Sweedo for more information.

For more details on the internship program, please contact Shelley Maley, Internship Coordinator, at

610-799-1559 or email 

Paperwork can be picked up in the Career Development Center in the Student Services Center, Suite 4.