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Lehigh Carbon Community College

Having required course materials sets you up for success in the classroom

  • Receiving course materials is a stress-free event
  • Easily access, manage and use digital course materials
  • Don’t worry about getting the wrong book or wrong edition


How does Follett ACCESS work?

The Follett ACCESS program allows for all the course materials for a class to be included with in tuition and fees. Once you have selected your courses, for those that are part of the Follett ACCESS program, the campus store will gather your materials.  You will pick up any physical course materials at the Main Campus LCCC Bookstore in Schnecksville, PA. Digital materials provided through Follett Access will be accessible in Canvas on the first day of class, or via email prior to classes starting. Any materials not included in this program will be your responsibility to purchase.

Will I save money?

Yes! You will not pay out of pocket for your required course materials that are part of the program.

How do I get my course materials?

For courses that are part of the Follett ACCESS program, materials will be gathered for you by the campus store. If you are in classes where physical products are provided, we will email you letting you know when the order is ready for pick up. Digital materials will be accessible in Canvas on the first day of class or via an email from Redshelf Brytewave prior to classes beginning.

  • If you want your items shipped, please call us at 610-799-1126 and request your Follett Access materials to be shipped. There is a $7.99 shipping fee you must pay.
  • If you want your items couriered to either Morgan Center or Donley Center, please email us at

What if I add or drop a course?

If you drop a course, return physical materials to the campus store within 3 days of dropping your course. If you drop a course where digital materials are provided, refunds will process automatically.

If you add a new course that is a part of Follett ACCESS, you’ll either receive an email stating it is ready for pick up (for physical materials), or you will receive an email with your digital credentials, or you’ll be able to simply access it directly in Canvas.

  • Please note: the business office may not remove the fee for dropped courses until AFTER drop/add.

Opting Out

To opt out**, please email by the specified deadlines

Please include:

  • L#
  • The semester for which you wish to opt out
  • The course in which you want to opt out of

 Please note that the last day to opt-out is the last day to drop a course, as listed on the academic calendar. Please see opt out dates below.

Opting out of certain courses may result in losing access to the digital platform where homework, tests, etc are completed for the course. These are the courses accessible in Canvas**

If you have physical products that you picked up already, and decide to drop out of the course, you will be responsible for returning the product to the bookstore within 3 days. Failure to return the product will result in the full charge being charged to your student account. *


Winter 2023 Opt-Out Deadline

Class Start Date: December 18, 2023

Last Day to Opt-Out: December 26, 2023

Spring 2024 Opt-Out Deadline


Start Date: January 22, 2024

Last Day to Opt Out: February 11, 2024

10 WEEK:

Start Date: February 19, 2024

Last Day to Opt Out: March 4, 2024


Start Date: March 18, 2024

Last Day to Opt Out: March 27, 2024

Before you Opt-Out

Before Opting Out, we highly suggest purchasing the physical books prior to requesting to opt out. You will lose access to your digital books once you request to opt out.

Please allow the business office some time to remove the fee from your student account.



If your course material is accessible in Canvas, there is a print upgrade option available.

Students can purchase loose-leaf print upgrades if a print version is desired. This is completely optional. These print upgrades will be adopted under each department code so you’ll need to search by course. Instructions below:

  1. Go to, shop for textbooks, and search by course

Bookstore search screen

  1. Enter the department in which the course is for, and then choose Print Upgrades as the course. Example is below:

textbook search screen

All print upgrades for everything in this department are available here. Students just need to search for matching titles.

Example: Introduction to Business Class = Intro to Business (LL)

Example 2: College Algebra class = College Algebra (LL)

*Once the plastic wrap is removed from these books, they are non-returnable. Please only purchase the print upgrade if you want a physical book to use along with the digital content you are already receiving. The print upgrade does NOT replace the digital content in Canvas.

My book is a Brytewave ebook, but I want a physical book. What do I do?

You can choose to opt out of these ebooks if you prefer physical books. You must email us by the opt-out deadlines to have the digital fee removed.

We highly suggest getting these physical books prior to opting-out. We can only get the physical books for your if you special order from us, which may take 3-5 business days.

I never got my email from Brytewave? How do I get access?

All emails are released to students within 1-2 weeks of classes starting. These emails are sent to your LCCC email addresses. If you can’t find the email, please go through the troubleshooting steps below:


  • First do a search in your LCCC email inbox for the word Brytewave and see if the email will populate
  • If the email does not populate, please go directly to
  • From here you will click sign in.
    1. If you’ve signed in to your Brytewave account before, please sign in. (Make sure you use your LCCC email).
    2. If you haven’t signed in before, do “Forgot Password” and put in your LCCC email address.
  • Once signed in, you’ll go to My Shelf and the book will be listed there.
  • If you are still having issues, please email with screenshots and the issue you are experiencing. You can also stop in store with a device (phone, laptop, tablet) for further assistance.

My Course Material is in Canvas, but I can’t find it – what do I do?

Your professor is responsible for setting up the course link within Canvas – some professors don’t have this completed right away. Most professors will make an announcement, or will have a module listed on the side with your digital platform. Some may use the wording InQuizitive, McGraw Hill Connect, Cengage Mindtap, etc.

You can always reach out to your professor. However, if they respond and aren’t sure what you are referring to, please forward your emails to with the course and your professors name so that we can assist them in getting your course set up.