Advanced Manufacturing Training

The Advanced Manufacturing program provides students with essential skills needed to compete in today's workforce. The program coursework is designed to fit the needs of today's working student. The typical Advanced Manufacturing student, without any prior work experience or related education, starts off with the Production Technician course. This course provides the basic skills and enhances a students’ knowledge prior to moving on to the next step.

After the completion of the Production Technician Core Curriculum course, students chose a program track. The following concentrations are available:
Production Technician Core Curriculum

Each track specifies around a particular subject area, with the exception of Mechatronics, which encompasses all other concentrations.

Students complete the theory of their coursework online. Once modules are completed, the student comes in to take a hands-on test. The hands-on test requires students to visit the main campus to work with our industry standard advance manufacturing equipment under the direction of an instructor. Based on the student's online coursework and training, the instructor programs a fault into the equipment and asks that the student troubleshoots the fault. Like the online coursework, there is much flexibility in scheduling your on campus hands-on workshops. Your instructor will work with you to schedule your campus visit at a time that is most convenient to you.

In addition to providing a flexible learning opportunity to our students, the LCCC PATH Advanced Manufacturing Program works with local employers to design customized training that fits the needs of the organization.

PMMI Mechatronics Certification tests help employers assess workers for the core skills and real-world application in today’s manufacturing industry.  Employers need multi-skilled workers to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot automated equipment on the plant floor.  LCCC offers PMMI certification tests with most of our advanced manufacturing curriculum that are based on industry-developed standards and are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Manufacturing Institute’s Skills Certification System. 

Contacts for more information:

Tom Bux
Director of Workforce Development

Cindy Smith
Enrollment Support Specialist


Don Worman
Manufacturing Instructor

Art Love
Manufacturing Instructor