Foundation & Giving

Our students started HERE and have gone EVERYWHERE
With your help, we can make a significant impact on our students. 

COVID 19 has affected LCCC students, including changing the way they learn and experience LCCC. As we continue to face the financial implications of the pandemic, your support continues to assist students with a variety of needs including expenses related to costs of food, housing and utility, transportation, childcare, healthcare and more.  Together we have raised over $200,000 in contributions to the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund.

A one-time gift to the LCCC COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund. Your continued support of $1, $10, $100, or any amount you are willing to donate, will continue to help our students who are still experiencing difficult times

The Lehigh Carbon Community College Foundation is dedicated to helping our students get access to a quality education.

Our students are hard-working, resilient and determined, and they strive to make positive contributions to their community. Through philanthropic support, we can make a real difference for them and the rest of LCCC - today and for many years to come.