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Graduation FAQs

  • How do I place an order for my cap and gown?

    You’ll receive a graduation information letter in the mail as well as email from the LCCC Office of Registration/Student Records in early February directing you to place an order to reserve your cap and gown for the ceremony online at Herff Jones LCCC Graduation.

  • What if I forgot to order my cap and gown online before the deadline?
    The LCCC Bookstores place orders for plenty of extra caps and gowns in case students forget to reserve online or for students who are approved to graduate after the website closes. Once cap and gown pick-up starts during the LCCC graduation fair, you can still stop in to the LCCC Bookstores to pick up a cap and gown as long as you are approved to graduate. 
  • How much does it cost for tickets, caps and gowns?
    There is no cost to students for graduation tickets or caps and gowns. If you choose to order custom graduation announcements, stoles of gratitude or items such as diploma frames, you will have to pay for any additional items you opt to purchase. 
  • How can I purchase extra items such as diploma frames, souvenir tassels and stoles of gratitude?

    The LCCC Bookstores stock all kinds of great gifts for graduation including stoles, souvenir tassels, diploma frames, and great alumni gear. You can reach the LCCC Bookstores by email at, by phone at 610.799.1126 and shop online at   

  • When should I pick up my graduation tickets?
    Tickets for graduation can be picked up at the LCCC main campus bookstore any time after cap and gown pick up starts. Please review the letter from LCCC Office of Registration/Student Records and continue to check your LCCC email for more information on when cap and gown pick up starts. 
  • How many tickets does each student receive, and what if I need extra tickets?
    The number of tickets each student receives for graduation varies by year based on the number of graduates, however, it is typically four to five tickets per person.  Once you pick up your initial amount of allotted tickets, you can request extra tickets at the bookstore.  As graduation approaches, the LCCC Office of Registration/Student Records will contact students to let them know how many additional tickets they can expect to receive. 
  • Is the LCCC graduation fair the only time when I can pick up my cap and gown?
    No, you can pick up graduation regalia any time after the cap and gown pick up starts or any time the LCCC main campus bookstore is open. 
  • What if I'm not regularly at main campus?
    You’re welcome to pick up caps, gowns and tickets any time the LCCC main campus bookstore is open, but you can also pick up your regalia the day of graduation at main campus.  If you prefer, you can also contact the LCCC main campus bookstore to make arrangements to have your graduation items shipped to your home for a small shipping fee. 
  • What if I can’t attend the graduation fair?

    The graduation fair is not a required event for graduates. You can pick up your graduation regalia anytime. The LCCC main campus bookstore is open, including the day of graduation if needed. 

  • What if I won’t be attending graduation?
    Please contact the LCCC Office of Registration/Student Records to let them know you will not be attending so your tickets and placement can be rearranged to accommodate other students. 
  • If I owe money to LCCC, can I walk in graduation?
    If you have outstanding payments of any kind to LCCC, you may be permitted to walk, but your diploma will not be mailed and your transcripts will not be released until the entire amount is paid. Please contact the LCCC Business Office regarding payment arrangements. 
  • What if I forgot to apply for graduation before the deadline?
    Please complete an Application for Graduation and contact the LCCC Office of Registration/Student Records no later than February 28. If you completed all the requirements for your program, you are eligible to walk in the May graduation ceremony. If you are approved to graduate after the deadline to reserve caps and gowns online, you can still pick up a cap and gown after cap and gown pick up starts at the graduation fair. 
  • What if I still have questions?
     If you have questions you may contact the LCCC bookstore at the information listed below.  If you have a question on applying for graduation or if you are eligible for graduation, please contact the LCCC Office of Registration/Student Records at the information below.

LCCC Registration/Student Records 
Phone: 610.799.1171

LCCC Main Campus Bookstore  
Phone: 610.799.1126