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Degree Evaluation

Running a Degree Evaluation

Step 1 Login to myLCCC Portal with your username and password and click on “Connect to Bannerweb”
Step 2 Select “Student Records”
Step 3 Select “Student Information Menu”; then “ID Selection”
Step 4 Select a Term; This is the current evaluation term. You can select the current credit term.
Step 5 Enter the L number of the desired student (starting with a capital L) or first and last name; click “Submit”. Verify this is the correct student, and click “Submit” again.
Step 6 Click on “Degree Evaluation”
Step 7 The student’s current program and the first semester attended in their current program will appear.
Step 8 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link “Generate New Evaluation”
Step 9 Click “Generate Request”.
Step 10 Click “Submit” to view Detailed Requirements.

To view other information click on “Additional Information”.

What-If Analysis
This feature allows you to compare current academic history to the requirements of different programs in the college catalog. This can be useful if you are considering changing programs.

To run a What-If Analysis:
Step 1-7 Follow steps 1-7 above
Step 8 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link “What if Analysis”.
Step 9 Enter the catalog term when the student is starting in this program If the student has not
been attending within the last year, select the most current term or the most future term or which the student has pre-registered; click “Continue”
Step 10 Scroll to select program, then click “Continue”
Step 11 Ignore Campus; click on the pull-down menu for “First Major” to select the program again:
then click “Submit”
Step 12 Click “Generate Request”
Step 13 Click “Submit” to view Detailed Requirements.

To view other information click on “Additional Information”.

Note: As of the fall 2011 catalog, students are required to follow the program requirements of the college catalog based on:

  • The year they first applied and enrolled at LCCC as a new student.
  • If the student changed their major after they initially apply, the student must follow the new program requirements in the semester they are changing their major.
  • If the student attended classes at the College previously but then discontinued their enrollment in the past 12 months or more, the student must complete an online returning student application and follow the new catalog requirements.

Reviewing and Interpreting the Degree Evaluation
The first section of the degree evaluation report under “Detail Requirements” summarizes your curriculum information and provides an overall list of degree requirements, such as overall GPA, program GPA, minimum number of credits hours that must be earned at LCCC, and the Catalog term being used.

On the next section of “Detail Requirements” the report is divided into program “Areas”. These Areas may or may not mirror the catalog as far as sequencing. The program requirements appear on the left and the courses or credits that meet the requirements are on the right side of the degree evaluation. Look for the words “Not Met” at the top of the Area and/or “No” next to the requirement to determine what is missing.

There may be times, even though the student has already taken a course, it does not pick up when it really should. Examples include:

* Courses taken before 2003,
* Repeated courses still in progress, and
* Approved course substitutions (such as two courses for one).

At other times, the student may have met all requirements for the program but are short usually between ½ - 2 credits. This may be due to the fact that the number of credits for a course changed either at Lehigh Carbon Community College or when a course was taken at another institution and transferred to LCCC. As long as over 60 credits have been taken, the student is eligible to graduate.

The most common reasons for a degree evaluation that is “Not Met” in all areas include:

* A course requirement may be missing (perhaps the student dropped a course during the semester or has not successfully completed the course)
* The incorrect catalog term is being used
* An official transcript from a transfer institution is in the process of being evaluated or has not yet arrived
* A course substitution has not been submitted (if required) and/or approved
* The wrong program is being run or the student never changed their program of study
* The GPA requirement or number of required credits has not been met

* Prior Learning, Advanced Placement or other internship credit taken has not been evaluated and posted to the students’ academic record, or

* Students completing the Professional Pilot or Aviation Science degrees must submit flight certificates. This will show under Other Degree Requirements.

Depending on the program, there is a section of “Courses Not Used” either found at the end of the “Detailed Requirements” or on the page of “Additional Information”.

If the student will be earning multiple AA, AS or AAS degrees (now or in the past), the student must have 15 extra credits earned at Lehigh Carbon Community College beyond those required for the first degree.