Registration via myLCCC Mobile App

If you're on the go, you can use the myLCCC Mobile App to look-up and register for classes. The myLCCC Mobile App can also show you information from BannerWeb, such as final grades and transcripts, your account summary, and any holds against your account.

Please note the registration applet will not allow you to register for 'co-requisite' classes - that is, classes where you need to register for a lecture and a lab section at the same time. Instead, you will need to use a web browser to access BannerWeb.

Download the myLCCC Mobile App

  • The myLCCC Mobile App is currently available for Apple iPhone and iPad products and Android smartphones and tablets. 
    • Please note the app is a "phone" app, so it may display in a very large format on your tablet computer.
  • Get links to download the app.

Launch the myLCCC Mobile App

  • Launch the app and tap the Login button in the upper right corner.
  • Login with your myLCCC portal username and password.

Prepare for registration

  • Tap the Holds applet to verify you do not have any holds against your account.
  • You can tap Look Up Classes to search for courses using different criteria, such as subject, title, or instructor.
    • You always need to select a Term to begin your search.
    • If you use Look Up Classes, you could make note of the CRN for the course for which you'd like to register.

Register for classes

  • Tap the Student Registration applet and select a term.
  • If you know the CRN of the class you're interested in, enter the CRN and tap the Submit button.
  • Tap the Look Up Classes button if you would like to search for a course based on subject.
    • Tap the drop-down box and select a subject from the list, then tap Look Up.
    • Scroll through the classes and tap Register to register for a class.
    • You will see a confirmation message if the registration completed successfully, and that course will disappear from the list of available classes.
    • If you receive an error message, please make note of the reason you were unable to register for the course (a hold, pre-requisite, etc.)
  • Tap the Current Classes button to see the list of classes you are registered for in the selected term.
    • If you would like to drop a class, tap the Drop Class button. You will receive a confirmation message if the class was successfully dropped.

Need Help? Contact Registration/Student Records