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LCCC's Wireless Network

The college has WiFi available at all facilities. 

Staff and Students shall connect to LCCC-Student

Your portal user name & password will allow you to connect your device to wifi. Students are permitted an allowance to connect two devices. Students may need to re-provision their devices each semester.

 Guests shall Connect to LCCC_Guest

When connecting to LCCC_Guest an Acceptable Use Policy is displayed. The user must acknowledge the policy and accept they will comply in order to gain access. The user will be granted access upon providing their name and email address.

Access to the LCCC’s wireless network is subject to the Technology Policy on Responsible Use of College Computing Resources  of Lehigh Carbon Community College. Wireless access requires providing identifiable information. Providing erroneous information may result in permanent denial of access. By accessing the wireless network, users and guests automatically give consent that they agree to abide by the policy. The policy applies to all users of College computing resources, whether affiliated with the College or not, and to all of those resources.