COVID-19 Information

Masks Required All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks inside all LCCC buildings.
To the campus community,
As we prepare for the start of the spring semester, Lehigh Carbon Community College continues to navigate the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please refer to this COVID-19 webpage for updates.

Employees who test positive for COVID-19, have symptoms or been exposed must notify Human Resources. If an employee must quarantine as a result of testing positive, but does not have symptoms, HR and the supervisor will consider various factors to determine if there is a need for the employee to work remotely.

If the employee has symptoms, remote work will not be an option. Follow guidelines from the Policy and Regulations manual and/or Collective Bargaining Agreement as to the kind of leave that must be used.

If students test positive for COVID-19, have symptoms or been exposed, they must notify their instructor and Human Resources. HR will then notify the Dean. Faculty will work closely with the students to make up work, etc. Faculty should encourage students to use student support services, which are available online and remote. Students will be referred to disability support services if there is a potential for short term disability and/or medical leave. If the student has completed at least 80% of the coursework, an incomplete grade and participation in the recovery program with a success coach should be strongly considered. Canvas and Canvas gradebook should be utilized by faculty to help students with coursework and grade awareness. Issues with attendance, academic performance, etc. should be documented by faculty through the A3 Early Alert System and/or StART system.

Faculty and Classroom Changes
Course instructional methods will remain the same as planned on the schedule. Dual enrollment courses taught at the school districts will remain as planned unless the school district makes a change with the operation. If the district has all instruction virtual, dual enrollment sections will convert for only the time frame operating within the district.

Instructional methods will not change without communication with and approval by both Human Resources and Dean. Situations that constitute a change of instructional method must be discussed, reviewed and approved by the dean. If a teaching faculty member tests positive for COVID-19 and has symptoms, a substitute will be identified to teach the class. The dean will notify students as to the plan.  The dean will inform Academic Services staff as well as High School Connections about the protocol for Dual Enrollment and Early College classes.

If class attendance drops significantly due to COVID illness or exposure, faculty will determine if the course will be converted to remote or online format. The course may be converted with the approval by the dean and HR for no longer than one week, unless there is an agreed upon time frame. Faculty must notify students as to the plan.

Mask Requirement
It is the responsibility of all of us for keeping everyone healthy, and, therefore, masks are required on all campuses, regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be removed in the cafeteria area, Corner CafĂ©, or designated eating areas, or while you are eating. They are not required in private offices while working alone, and are not required outdoors. We encourage everyone to be diligent in wearing masks and to ensure they cover both your nose and mouth.

We have ordered a supply of KN95 masks and can provide one at the beginning of the semester to those who are interested in this option. We will be able to provide one mask, so please be aware that you will be responsible for purchasing your own if you wish to continue using the KN95 option.

We will continue to provide a supply of medical masks, available in Academic Services, Human Resources, Facilities and Public Safety on the Schnecksville campus, and at the front desks at the Donley and Morgan Centers.

For details on the protocol for isolating and quarantining, please refer to the PA Department of Health guidelines.

We encourage you to get vaccinated, wear your mask, wash your hands and remain vigilant. Thank you for continuing to be flexible to changing requirements and for wearing your mask. As always, the college will continue to monitor the ever-changing situation and will make adjustments as necessary. We will implement next steps as needed.

Dr. Ann D. Bieber
President, LCCC