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Career & Technical Education Services

CTE services, located in the Education Support Center, are FREE and open to all CTE students. Services are offered in workshop formats, small groups, or individual appointments with a CTE Specialist.  CTE Specialists help students learn strategies and study skills needed to succeed in college the following areas:

  • Learning Strategies
  • Learning Styles
  • Prescription of Learning Materials
  • Stress Management
  • Study Skills
    • Listening & note-taking
    • Textbook Reading
    • Math Study Skills
    • Test Anxiety
    • Test Taking Techniques (math, essay, multiple choice, etc.)
    • Time Management & Organization
    • Computer Literacy
    • Educational Goal Setting
    • Writing Anxiety
    • Writing Workshops
    • Subject-Specific Writing Workshops

How can I become a CTE student?

You probably already are a CTE student. Here’s how to qualify for  CTE services…
If you are enrolled in:

  • A Specialized Credit Diploma program
  • A One-year Certificate program
  • A Two-year AAS program
  • One of the following AA programs:
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Computer Game Development –Digital Arts Track
  • Computer Generated Interactive Design
  • Computer Generated Animation & Digital Arts
  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • Education
  • Fashion Design    
  • Fine Arts/Studio Arts
  • Graphic Design
  • Music/Sound Production
  • Special Education
  • TV/Film

One of the following AS programs:

  • Computer Forensics and Security
  • Computer Game and Simulation
  • Development – Programming Track
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Natural Science – Horticulture and Plant Science Option
  • Natural Science – Physical Science Option
  • Sports Management