Quality Matters

Lehigh Carbon Community College uses the national Quality Matters (QM) program to apply research-based standards to our courses to help ensure student success.Image of Quality Matters Logo

LCCC courses go through a rigorous Quality Matters review process, as outlined in the QM Rubric, and are meticulously crafted to meet high-quality instructional design principles.

Each course listed on this page is certified through the Quality Matters program.  For students, this means you can be certain the course was designed in the best possible manner to help you successfully navigate the coursework in the online environment.

Quality Matters - Certified Courses

Course Name Course Representative Certified Date
BUS 211 – Principles of Management Lacey Gonzalez Apr 23, 2023
BUS 211 – Principles of Management Lacey Gonzalez Aug 27, 2017
BUS 241 Business Law Lacey Gonzalez Apr 23, 2021
BUS 248 – Essentials of Entrepreneurship Lacey Gonzalez Feb 08, 2022
ENG 105 - Research and Composition Anne Ryan Jan 02, 2018
MED 102 - Medical Assisting I Karen Fogle Nov 21, 2017
PSY 140 - Introduction to Psychology Robin Musselman Sep 11, 2017
BUS 211 - Principles of Management Lacey Gonzalez Aug 25, 2017
ENG 111 - Speech Jennifer Myskowski Aug 15, 2017
SOC 150 - Introduction to Sociology Wanda Wyffels Aug 09, 2017
HIS 124 - US Since Reconstruction Todd Zimmerman Aug 04, 2017

Quality Matters Peer Reviewers

Name Role
Lacey Gonzalez Peer Reviewer
Holly Morris Peer Reviewer
Robin Musselman Peer Reviewer
Jennifer Myskowski Peer Reviewer
Jennifer Stephens Peer Reviewer
John Loughman Peer Reviewer