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Types of Courses

LCCC Online supports three different types of courses: (1) web-enhanced face-to-face, (2) hybrid, and (3) online.

Web-enhanced Face-to-Face Course

A "web-enhanced" course is a regular face-to-face class that uses a learning management system or LMS like WebStudy to deliver selected resources online. It includes all regularly scheduled class meetings on campus PLUS course content that will be accessed via a computer with an Internet connection and may include:

  • Syllabus
  • Announcements
  • Resources and links
  • Lecture Notes & Handouts
  • Course calendar
  • Course e-mail
  • Discussion forums

Your instructor will let you know if they are using WebStudy in their class and help you understand their expectations of online use.

Hybrid Course

Hybrid courses blend the face-to-face instruction of a traditional class environment with the flexibility of an online course. At least 50 percent of instruction occurs in a face-to-face classroom.

Since online work is a requirement of the course, students must have access to a computer, Internet service and basic computer, Internet and email skills.

Hybrid courses are identified in the course listings by the use of “HY1” or “HY2 as the section number (for example, PSY-140-HY1).

Online Course

An online course does not have scheduled on-campus class meetings. It is an integrated learning program entirely accessed via a computer with an Internet connection, except for proctored exams if required. We recommend that you plan to do the majority of your online coursework from home. The course is designed to be used as the principal components of a credited college course and may include:

  • Syllabus
  • Announcements
  • Resources and Web-links
  • Lecture Notes & Handouts
  • Course calendar
  • Course e-mail
  • Discussion forums
  • Assessments
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Various Multimedia Materials

Online courses are identified in course listings by a section number similar to "N#" or "#N". (i.e. BIO-124-N1, or ART-101-2N, or PHI-201-5N).

  • Courses with section number N1 or N2 are full-semester courses (15 weeks), beginning in January, May and August.
  • Courses with section number 2N are 5-weeks long, beginning in May.
  • Courses with section number 4N are 5-weeks long, beginning in July.
  • Courses with section number 5N are 10-weeks long, beginning in February and September.
  • Courses with section number N9 are Winter Session 5-week courses, beginning in December.

For a Demonstration of an Online Course:

We recommend that you complete the WebStudy Online Student Orientation before taking an online or hybrid course for the first time.

Explore all areas. Try the sample quizzes and post to the discussion forums and assignment dropbox to see how they function. It's best to try them here before you must submit something that will be graded.

Admission and Registration

The procedures for admissions, registrations, and prerequisites are the same for all course delivery methods.