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How Does It Work?

LCCC Online courses occurs while the instructor and student are separated by time, distance, or both. It may use video, audio, computer, multimedia communications, or some combination of these methods with traditional approaches. The coursework and objectives in LCCC Online courses are equivalent to on-campus courses, the main differences are location and delivery method.

Students interested in registering for an online or hybrid course should first review the WebStudy Online Student Orientation. Prospective students will then know what to expect if they register for a course which uses WebStudy.

You will not be able to access your courses until the start day of the semester.  Copies of the LCCC Academic Calendar are available to view and download.

To access your course, log into the myLCCC Portal.

  1. All first-time students will receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to access the myLCCC Portal, including your username and password.  If you do not receive this information within one week of the start of the semester, contact Registration and Student Records immediately.
  2. When you are logged into the myLCCC Portal, click on "Connect to Online Courses" link in the LAUNCHPAD.
  3. Please review the "System Check" on the WebStudy homepage to ensure your computer will function properly with the system.  If you use different computers, or web browsers, remember to perform this check for each of them.

For the most part, mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are compatible with the WebStudy learning management system (LMS) BUT there are some features will not will work.  Since some of the features will not work, it is recommended that a mobile device not be the only way that you access the LMS.

Before classes begin, complete the WebStudy Online Student Orientation.  This will give you the skills to navigate in WebStudy and tips for online success.   

Proctored Exams

Some online courses will require proctored or supervised exams. Your instructors will determine whether proctored examinations are required for their courses and provide this information in their syllabus. If you live within commuting distance of Schnecksville, you may take proctored exams at the Testing Center in the Student Service Center. If you cannot come to the Testing Center on Schnecksville's Main Campus, please talk with your instructor about these requirements immediately after the semester begins. You will be expected to nominate a suitable person near you to serve as your proctor.

A proctor is an individual who agrees to receive tests from an LCCC instructor, administer them to the LCCC student in a suitable environment, and return them directly to the instructor. They also certify in writing to the instructor that the student completed the test according to all of the specific directions provided. If the student uses more than one proctor, they all will need approval. Also, if the student needs a proctor for more than one course, even if they use the same proctor for each course, each instructor must approve the proctor(s).

  • Generally this person may not be a relative or employer.
  • Instructors will usually approve an administrator or testing center at another college or an education officer in the military.
  • They may also accept a clergyman or librarian. 
  • If you are doing an internship at Disney World, they have provided a proctor in the past and probably will again. But, ask, don't assume.