Business Enterprise Center

Mission:To create a portal for students to enhance their entrepreneurial spirit in a practical way by offering ongoing consulting, training, technical research, and access to business planning services.

Vision:To be a vehicle through which students will access mentors and networking tools.

Goals: To assume a leadership role and to have a significant impact on the local economy by the establishment of small businesses, thus creating employment.

The Entrepreneur Club 

The Entrepreneur Club shall bring together all members of the Community College interested in entrepreneurship, promote and facilitate the study and practice of entrepreneurship, connect student members with experienced alumni and local entrepreneurs, encourage interest in innovation and enterprise creation and develop aspiring entrepreneurs into motivated, ethical, and dynamic business leaders.

This is done through sales, events, workshops, and trips. To join contact Tremayne Tatem at
Entrepreneur Club Students

Events, workshops, and competitions were created to inspire entrepreneurship at the college

Global Entrepreneur Week (November 13 - 15) - Series of Entrepreneurial speakers who volunteer to give advice and share their personal stories with those interested in becoming an entrepreneur or learning entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneur Innovation Boot Camp (October & March)- 2 day boot camp with various speakers to assist students with idea creation. ParEntrepreneur Week Studentsticipants will have an opportunity to create a short business idea and pitch it to a panel of professionals and receive feedback about it. This event will prepare students to further explore starting their business and the LCCC Idea Pitch challenge in the Spring. 

Idea Pitch Challenge (April)
This challenge is the perfect opportunity to take what you have learned and create a shark tank style pitch with your team for the chance to win valuable prizes and feedback to potentially push your idea further.  You will create a short presentation and present to our panel of judges and compete against other student teams.