Business and Administration

Are you a people person or a numbers person? Do you like to plan events or organize activities? Interested in traveling or starting your own business?
The Business and Administration pathway may appeal to students interested in a variety of areas including entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality and tourism, human resources, law  or management. Individuals who enjoy working with diverse populations, have solid communication skills and are interested in analyzing data and reports may want to further explore the many career options within this pathway.  
Students interested in pursuing further education can start at LCCC and transfer credits to other institutions, many of which hold transfer agreements. For further information, speak with an academic advisor.
Partial List of Possible Careers
Event Planner
Human Resource Manager
General Manager*
Human Resource Assistant
Loan Officer*
Marketing Director*
Hotel/Restaurant Manager
Small Business Owner
Check out the numerous transfer opportunities to colleges and universities across Pennsylvania. 
Ways to explore this pathway:
Help manage a fundraiser
Job shadow a person in your career of interest
Participate in a debate or mock trial
Plan an event or family vacation
Volunteer in the business office of a nonprofit agency or with the Chamber of Commerce

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