Biotechnology A.A.S. (BIT)

Attention This is an overview of the program. The course sequencing is meant to serve as a guideline for your semester planning. Please note that the scheduling of courses, program sequencing and curriculum are subject to change.

The field of biotechnology has emerged as a major contributor to the advancement of agriculture, medicine, and environmental sciences. Recent developments in biotechnology, particularly molecular biology, promise major improvements in agricultural productivity, breakthroughs in human healthcare, and new solutions to environmental problems.

The A.A.S. Biotechnology program will prepare students to obtain entry-level positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as manufacturing or research technicians. Also as biotechnology encompasses molecular research, genomics, forensics, bioinformatics, and environmental bioremediation, graduates will be positioned to compete for a wide range of positions.

The program is designed to provide students with a solid background in math and science, practical knowledge in biotechnology, and laboratory skills necessary to obtain a wide range of biological technician entry-level positions in the biopharmaceutical industry and other institutions.

Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate ability to work in a typical biotechnology laboratory or manufacturing facility while following appropriate safety procedures and regulations.
  • demonstrate an understanding of biotechnological principles and concepts.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the practice and theory of modern biotechnology instrumentation.
  • show ability to follow instructions and work both independently and collaboratively on a wide variety of projects.
  • demonstrate literacy in data manipulation and analysis using computerized spreadsheets and graphing programs.
  • apply statistics to analyze the credibility of scientific results.
  • demonstrate the ability to communicate results orally and through written reports in an effective and efficient manner.
  • apply all steps of the scientific method to research, design, perform, and report on a solution to a scientific problem.
  • demonstrate the ability to apply results of previous research to new experimental applications.
First Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
BIO 110 General Biology I 4
BIO 112 Introduction to Biotechnology 3
MAT 160 College Algebra 3
ENG 105 Research and Composition 3
CHE 111 General Chemistry I 4
Semester Total 17
Second Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
BIO 111 General Biology II 4
BIO 122 Biotechnology Techniques 4
ENG 107 Technical Writing 3
CHE 112 General Chemistry II 4
Semester Total 15
Summer Session
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
Elective* Free Elective 3
Semester Total 3
Third Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
BIO 220 Introduction to Microbiology 4
BIO 212 Industrial Biotechnology 3
CHE 205 Organic Chemistry I 4
ENG 111 Speech 3
Semester Total 14
Fourth Semester
Course Number Course Name Course Credits
BIO 222 Molecular Biotechnology 4
BIO 223 Seminar in Biotechnology 2
MAT 150 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3
Electives Social Science/Humanities 6
Semester Total 15
Credit Total 64
*Recommended free electives: IDS 105, 214; PSY 142. Internship CED 272 recommended for students currently or previously employed in biotechnology or biopharmaceuticals.Students Occupationally and Academically Ready