Campus Climate Study

At LCCC, we understand that a welcoming campus climate is crucial to the learning process, student success and a sense of purpose in the workplace. We value a campus environment that advances principles of social equity and inclusion, environmental justice and equal access to resources and opportunities. The free exchange of differing ideas and viewpoints in supportive environments encourages students, faculty and staff to develop critical thinking skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.
 Image of LCCC Climate Survey Logo. Text: Your College, Your Voice, Your Experience
To better understand the current campus climate, we need to gather information from our college community and to accomplish this, the college will embark on a comprehensive climate survey over the next few months. Planning has already begun, with the survey expected to launch next fall.
This is our opportunity to make positive, lasting changes and to continue building on the tenets on which LCCC was founded. To ensure full transparency, we have contracted with Rankin Climate, LLC, to help lead this effort. Rankin Climate has conducted more than 250 campus climate assessment projects over the last 22 years.
A team from Rankin Climate will be working with a committee of LCCC students, staff and faculty to develop and implement the assessment. The results will help us to develop programs and policies that will increase inclusivity, as well as enhance and replicate programs, services and policies that are meeting the needs of the community.