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The Leadership Transition workshop is specifically designed to help leaders identify those things they must let go of, as well as those things they must learn to develop, that will help them achieve the expectations organizations and people have of them as a leader.

The primary goal is to assist them in making the necessary changes that will help them transition more fully in their role as a leader. The learning will help them engage team members in a manner that inspires their employees’ commitment to the purpose and goals of the enterprise.

Offered Programs

Apples & Oranges
This interactive board game helps develop business acumen and financial literacy for managers, supervisors and front-line employees.

In one day employees at any level can develop a real understanding of the flow of resources in your company and see the “big picture”, so they can make meaningful contributions to the business.

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Creating an Accountability Mindset
Participants in this series of workshops will have the opportunity to gain new skills in developing personal accountability in dealing with ever-changing work activities. They will explore how to handle new assignments or projects, utilize creative thinking to solve problems, create a participative team environment and overcome barriers to planned or unplanned change.

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Customized Training Solutions
This 15-session program will help participants understand the Role of the Supervisor. Learn the difference between “leading and bossing.” They will learn how to create an environment for optimal productivity.

They will focus on developing self-confidence and looking at common supervisory mistakes and how to avoid them.

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