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Supervisor Boot Camp:

This 15-session program will help participants understand the Role of the Supervisor. Learn the difference between “leading and bossing.” They will learn how to create an environment for optimal productivity. They will focus on developing self-confidence and looking at common supervisory mistakes and how to avoid them.


Module 1:  The Role of the Supervisor

Learn the difference between “leading” and “bossing.” Focus will also be on developing self-confidence and looking at common supervisory mistakes and how to avoid them. Learn about establishing credibility.


Module 2:  My Work Behavioral Style—Why I Affect People the Way I Do

Using a self-discovery tool, participants will identify their work behavioral style and natural communication strengths and limitations.


Module 3:  Recognizing the Work Behavioral Style of Others—Why People Affect Me the Way They Do

Learn how to identify the work behavioral style of others and learn how to adapt your own style to maximize effective  communication and productivity.


Module 4:  Situational Leadership Applied to Work  Behavioral Styles

Learn principles of Situational Leadership and learn to evaluate employee behavior based on levels of competence and commitment.


Module 5:  Listening Skills

This session will give the tools and techniques to sharpen listening skills. It will include: Barriers to listening, the listening process, characteristics of skilled listeners, active listening and non-verbal listening skills.


Module 6:  Stress Management

Examine sources of stress and explore strategies to manage stress both personally and professionally.


Module 7:  Praise, Criticism and Coaching

Examine how to motivate employees using the positive techniques of communication, coaching, feedback and evaluation.


Module 8:  Problem Solving and Decision Making

How much attention a problem deserves depends upon how   serious that problem is. This workshop will explore ways to approach  problem solving using observations, critical thinking and flexibility.


Module 9:  Conflict Management

In this session learn how to use conflict management techniques to counter negative employee behavior. Explore a positive  approach to discipline.

 Module 10:  Team Building

This workshop will introduce the concept of teams and demonstrate the unique ability of teams to produce dramatic results.


Modules 11 & 12:  Basic Presentation Skills—Speaking and Writing

Learn basic skills and techniques for effectively communicating as well as how to establish credibility when presenting to a group.


Module 13:  Time Management

Use a self-discovery tool to help identify strengths and limitations with time management. Learn how to manage multiple priorities as well as effective planning and organization skills.


Module 14:  Managing Change

This session will focus on the skills needed to be a “change agent.” Learn the three process skills needed to facilitate change.


Module 15:  Review and Reflect

Review learning logs from the workshop series and put together a formal action plan for continued self-development.