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The Leader's Edge


Spend six weeks developing your Leadership Edge and gain career-making results back on the job. High performance companies require leaders with vision, accountability, trust-building skills, and excellent communication skills.

This hands-on workshop is designed for managers with at least 3-5 years experience supervising others and project managers who need to influence others. Anne Baum, President of Vision Accomplished, will facilitate.

Skills For Emerging Leaders


Baby boomer retirements in the next decade make building bench strength in your company absolutely crucial. This 12-week workshop series includes:

  • Add value for customer focus
  • Stay aligned with the vision, mission & values
  • Delight in change and discomfort
  • Move through adversity
  • Set high expectations and multiply your outcomes through others
  • Make real time decisions
  • Engage in proactive problem solving
  • Build integrity into your leadership style
  • People development and recognition
  • Electric Motors
  • Build collaborative teams


Crucial Conversations


What's the job of a supervisor or manager? To get results! How? Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Studies of 500 stunningly productive organizations show that peak performance absolutely comes from how leaders handle crucial conversations every day. Mistakes, praise, thank you's, work assignments, disagreements, decisions, problem solving, and goal setting...there are all crucial conversations that make the difference between high performance and okay results.

This workshop provides the confidence and techniques to constructively confront emotionally or politically risky topics with integrity to produce win-win outcomes.

Up to 16 hours (4 weeks x 4 hours each or the configuration of your choice). Your site or one of ours.

Cost: Varies based on customization of workshop



This workshop helps even small organizations develop employees who have clear career goals, know their own assets, and take personal accountability for running their career as if it were their own business - YOU, Inc. This technology from Blessing White Inc. has been helping companies build bench strength and improve employee retention for over 30 years!


  • The Success Connection: You, Inc. and your company - mission, values, and goals
  • Every journey starts where you are now - your values, your talents, your development needs
  • Feedback and action planning
  • Get prepared to hold and run a Development Discussion with your boss - win/win negotiation
  • Define what "better" means to you and action plan how you can get it in your current job box
  • Take accountability for increased performance AND more satisfaction


Up to 14 hours (2 days x 7 hours OR configuration of your choice). Your site or one of ours.

Intact company teams ONLY - not available on an open enrollment basis

Cost: Varies based on customization of workshop



Let us help you bridge the understanding gap with customized and practical lessons for Spanish-speaking employees OR supervisors of Spanish-speaking employees. Our workshops include job aids and tools developed to meet your unique workplace or safety needs. Inclusion and new perspectives drive employee levels of engagement. Our experience includes The Morning Call and F.L. Smidth employees.

We can also help your managers prepare to do business effectively in Latin America and other Spanish cultures. Up to 20 hours (4 hours x 5 weeks or your configuration of choice) Cost: Varies based on customization of workshop. Your site or one of ours.



Jack Siplack of HR Connect can add energy to your next planning meeting or get your team "outside the box" to focus on goals. This one-day workshop can also be paired with an outdoor action learning adventure tied to the I-OPT Leadership profile used for team analysis.

Your choice . . . Martian Rover Adventure, Acid Swamp Challenge, GPS scavenger hunt, ropes course, climbing walls, or Lehigh River challenges. We customize for your purpose.


  • Goals and roles
  • 1 + 1 + 1 = 5
  • Trust and communication
  • A learning attitude
  • Feedback for teams
  • Characteristics of high performance teams
  • Your I-OPT profile - impact on Team performance


Available on a custom basis only

Up to 8 hours classroom

Up to 4 hours action learning - indoors or out

Cost: Varies based on customization of workshop