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CLWD - Accountability Mindset

Creating an Accountability Mindset  

Participants in this series of workshops will have the opportunity to gain  new skills in developing personal accountability in dealing with ever-changing work activates, handling new assignments or projects, utilizing creative thinking to solve problems, creating a participative team  environment and overcoming barriers to planned or unplanned change. 

They will also discover their own work and communication styles and how to adapt these styles to others’   preferences to coach, give feedback, and build commitment.

Following this program, participants will be able to feel confident when asked to “step up” to the plate to meet the pressure of leaner organizations, while capitalizing on their strengths, communication style, decision-making skills and time management.


Series Workshops: 


DiSC© Work Behavioral Styles

Challenging Assumptions

Stress Management

Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Powerful Decision Making

Systems (Critical Big Picture) Thinking