Why Science in Motion?

Hands-on, Inquiry Based Labs
Science In Motion allows students to complete hands-on, inquiry based labs using scientific equipment that will help to prepare them to enter careers in science, engineering and other technical fields. The labs available for students to complete are aligned to the PA State Standards. The SIM program here at LCCC will prep experiments, order chemicals, provide safety materials and dispose of chemicals used all at no cost to the school.

Through Science In Motion, schools have the opportunity to access multiple sets of equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford to purchase. SIM provides support to schools by giving them the opportunity to access well-maintained, modern scientific equipment and supplies.

Mobile Educator
Schools can not only borrow equipment, but they can also request a Mobile Educator to their classrooms. Mobile Educators will not only deliver equipment to your classroom, but they can also provide team teaching in the classroom or act as an assistant to the teacher when running a SIM lab.

Professional Development
During the school year, SIM will host professional development at the LCCC Schnecksville campus for teachers to learn how to use the equipment in their classrooms and stay up to date on the latest advancements. The next session will be offered on Wednesday, May 13th and repeated on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 from 4:00-8:00 PM in the Science Hall room SH119. More details are provided below:

The Lehigh Carbon Community College Science in Motion (SIM) program we will be offering a free hands-on, data-collection workshop on Wednesday, May 13th with a repeat session held on Thursday, May 14th from 4:00-8:00 PM. This workshop is an extension of the previous training session held in June 2014, making it suitable for both teachers who are new to the equipment and those who have some experience working with it. Find out more about the LCCC SIM program at lccc.edu/sim.

Our focus will be on using the features of the Vernier data-collection technology that is available for you to borrow and use with your students in your own classroom. As part of this loan program, you may also request my services as the Mobile Educator to help co-teach science experimentation with your students. Teachers will work through labs adapted from Vernier lab books to get familiar with the operations of the various modes of data collection. Work will include probeware applications in biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, and middle school science. The Graphical Analysis APP for Apple products, Androids, and Chromebooks, and the Video Physics APP for iPads will enable teachers to perform analysis either in conjunction with the LabQuest 2 units or independently.

A priority for providing SIM services next school year will be given to teachers who have undergone the June '14 and/or May '15 training. Participants in this 4-hour workshop will receive a certificate of training, a workshop manual, and a Vernier Go!Temp temperature probe with software that they can take with them to collect data using the USB port of their computer. (Past participants may be able to trade their Go!Temp probe for a Vernier lab manual.) In addition, there will be a door prize of a Vernier Go!Motion sensor for one lucky participant.

Enrollment in the workshop will be limited to 15 participants per session on a first-come, first-served basis. Please fill out the registration form below and submit it to me at mcase1@lccc.edu as soon as possible in order to guarantee your spot!


Application: May, 2015 LCCC Science in Motion Equipment Training Workshop

 Complete the registration form below and save the file using your name. Then send as an attachment to Mark at mcase1@lccc.edu


Please TAB from area to area and then fill in the information.                  Today’s Date:       


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Date of workshop for which you are applying:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015         

Thursday, May 14, 2015         


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You will receive an email within 72 hours confirming the status of your application. A waiting list will be created once the class size limit is reached. If your plans change and you will no longer be able to attend a session to which you are registered, please contact Mark ASAP so that he may extend the invitation to another teacher on the waiting list.