Why Science in Motion?

Hands-on, Inquiry Based Labs
Science In Motion allows students to complete hands-on, inquiry based labs using scientific equipment that will help to prepare them to enter careers in science, engineering and other technical fields. The labs available for students to complete are aligned to the PA State Standards. The SIM program here at LCCC will prep experiments, order chemicals, provide safety materials and dispose of chemicals used all at no cost to the school.

Through Science In Motion, schools have the opportunity to access multiple sets of equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford to purchase. SIM provides support to schools by giving them the opportunity to access well-maintained, modern scientific equipment and supplies.

Mobile Educator
Schools can not only borrow equipment, but they can also request a Mobile Educator to their classrooms. Mobile Educators will not only deliver equipment to your classroom, but they can also provide team teaching in the classroom or act as an assistant to the teacher when running a SIM lab.

Professional Development
During the summer months, SIM will host professional development at the LCCC Schnecksville campus for teachers to learn how to use the equipment in their classrooms and stay up to date on the latest advancements.