Transfer Advice from Four Year Colleges and Institutions

"Know what classes will/will not transfer into the schools you are looking at." -KellyStrother, Gwynned Mercy College

"Ask other colleges you may be interested in transferring to for information as early as possible (i.e. minimum GPA requirements, which courses transfer, other transfer policies)." -Jennifer Garnecki, Keystone College

"Know what course of study you want to pursue. Compare schools. Work with transfer counselors at 4-year school and LCCC to determine your options." -Bill Sands, Indiana University of PA

"Apply early, be aware of GPA requirements, and make sure [the 4-year] school has the program you are applying for." -Gina Gegwich, West Chester University

"Contact the school to discuss possible credits that will transfer. Also, seek out the person in your chosen academic department to get questions answered specifically about the graduation requirements for the major." -Douglas Byerly, Lock Haven University

"Start early! Know your options and ask lots ofquestions." -Brian Barden, Mansfield University

  1. "Visit Visit Visit! It's the best way to determine if the college or university is the best match for you
  2. Plan ahead! Begin the application process 8-9 months prior to the semester you would like to enroll.
  3. Check with each college to which you are applying for application details and deadlines.
  4. Pay close attention to deposit deadlines as they are often connected to registration dates.
  5. Request an unofficial credit evaluation if one is not provided automatically." -Kyki Bobotas, Millersville University

"Start early! Don't be afraid to visit 4 year schools while you are still in the decision making process. It really helps when transfer students take the time to discuss their academic goals with a counselor at the school they are planning to transfer to. Students who take this extra step are rewarded with a smooth and seamless transfer experience." -Jane Hudak, Muhlenberg College Wescoe School

"Visit schools and talk to the transfer counselor so that the transition can be a smooth one!" -Heather Watt, Wilson College

"Take Liberal Arts courses that can be transferred anywhere or specific major courses that you know have similar programs at the schools you are interested in." -Rachel Oliver, Temple University

"Work closely with an advisor to make sure the right classes are taken." -Cynthia Johnston, Penn State Lehigh Valley

"Be sure that your Associate's Degree program is the best match for your intended major." -Ethel Froewiss, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"Don't think you can't afford a private education!" -Susan Heard, Centenary College

"Work with your transfer counselor at your community college and contact the transfer counselor at the college you are looking to transfer to. Apply in a timely fashion and apply for any transfer scholarships" -Anne Bayley, Central Penn College

"Seriously consider completing your 2-year Associate's Degree at LCCC and take advantage of the Academic Passport program guarantees." -Jim Christy, Bloomsburg University

"Investigate your schools of interest; know what credits will transfer, and what financial aid options are available."-Rudy Stolvoort, DeVry University

"Complete at least 30 credits and apply early."-Ray Bazylak, Kutztown University

"Utilize the transfer guides that are available online and in your Transfer Center." -Cathy Miller, DeSales University

"Plan ahead - make an appointment with LCCC's Transfer Counseling Office and determine courses/requirements that will transfer successfully to the 4 year institution. Ask questions - find out when representatives will be on campus and ask face-to-face questions or visit the website where many questions are answered." -Courtney Hoover, Widener University

"Begin considering your transfer institution in your freshmen year. Work with your counselor and your transfer admissions representative as early as possible." -Glenn Bozinski, College Misericordia

"Students wishing to transfer should make an appointment with the transfer coordinator and bring a copy of all prior college transcripts and current LCCC schedule." -Amy Patton, Wiles University

"Verify that your credit transfer before you take them,and be in personal contact with admissions staff." -Heidi Marks, MessiahCollege