Articulation Agreement A-D

Lehigh Carbon Community College has transfer agreements with the colleges and universities listed below. Information that is not available online can be obtained by visiting the Transfer Center, SSC 4, or by meeting with an advisor or counselor.

Students interested in transferring to colleges or universities not listed below are encouraged to meet with an LCCC advisor or counselor as well as the Transfer Admissions Counselor at the four year school to learn about the transfer application process and the selection of appropriate courses.

Albright College

Alvernia University

Arcadia University

Bellevue University

Bloomsburg University

Bucknell University

California University of Pennsylvania

  • Course equivalencies:
  • Program to Program Agreements
    Art to Art (BA)
    Biology to Biology (BS)
    Business to Business Administration (BS)
    Chemistry to Chemistry (BS)
    Communications to Communication Studies (BA)
    Computer Science to Computer Science (BS)
    Criminal Justice to Justice Studies (BS)
    Mathematics to Mathematics (BA)
    Physics to Physics (BA)
    PK-4 Education to PK-4 Education (BSED)
    Psychology to Psychology (BA)
    • Art to Art (BA)
    • Biology to Biology (BS)
    • Business to Business Administration (BS)
    • Chemistry to Chemistry (BS)
    • Communications to Communication Studies (BA)
    • Computer Science to Computer Science (BS)
    • Criminal Justice AA to Justice Studies (BS)
    • Mathematics  to Mathematics (BA)
    • Physics to Physics (BA)
    • PK-4 Education to PK-4 Education (BSED)
    • Psychology to Psychology (BA)
  • Academic Passport

Capella University

  • General Articulation Agreement

Carlow University

  • Course Equivalency Guide
  • Transfer Admissions Information
  • Program to Program Agreements
    • Biology (AS) - Biology (BS)
    • Biology (AS) - Biology/Autopsy Specialization (BS)
    • Biology (AS) - Biology/Human Biology Specialization (BS)
    • Biology (AS) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Business Administration (AA) - Accounting (BS)
    • Business Administration (AA) - Business Management (BS)
    • Business Administration (AA) - Forensic Accounting (BS)
    • Business Administration (AA) - Human Resource Mgmt and Technology (BS)
    • Business Administration (AA) - Management Health Services (BS)
    • Chemistry (AS) - Chemistry (BS)
    • Chemistry (AS) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Communication (AA) - Communication and Media (BA)
    • Communication (AA) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Criminal Justice (AA) - Criminal Justice (BA)
    • Criminal Justice (AA) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Early Childhood Education (AAS) - Early Child Education/Early Child Cert Prep (BA)
    • Early Childhood Education (AAS) - Early Child/Special Education/Cert Preps (BA)
    • Early Childhood Education (AAS) - Early Development/Learning (BA)
    • Fine Arts / Studio Arts (AA) - Art (BA)
    • Fine Arts / Studio Arts (AA) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Mathematics (AS) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Mathematics (AS) - Mathematics (BS)
    • Psychology (AS) - Liberal Studies (BA)
    • Psychology (AS) - Psychology (BA)
    • Psychology (AS) - Psychology/Counseling Specialization (BA)
    • Psychology (AS) - Psychology/Human Development Specialization (BA)


Cedar Crest College

Central Pennsylvania College

Chatham University

Cheyney University

  • Academic Passport
  • Program to Program Agreements
    Biology (AS) - Biology (BS)
    Business Administration (BS)
    Business Administration - Accounting (BS)
    Business Administration - Finance (BS)
    Business Administration - Management (BS)
    Business Administration - Marketing (BS)
    Chemistry (AS) - Chemistry (BS)
    Communication (AS) - Communication (BA)
    Computer Science (AS) - Computer and Information Sciences (BS)
    Early Childhood Education (AAS) - Early Childhood Education (BSED)
    Fine Arts/Studio Arts (AA) - Fine Arts (BA)
    Psychology (AS) - Psychology (BA)
  • Course Equivalencies
  • Campus Visits

Clarion University

  • Academic Passport
  • Program to Program Agreements:
    • Art to Art (BA)
    • Art to Art (BFA)
    • Biology to Biology (BS)
    • Biology to Secondary Education, Biology (BSED)
    • Business Administration to Accounting (BSBA)
    • Business Administration to Business Economics (BSBA)
    • Business Administration to Finance (BSBA)
    • Business Administration to Human Resource Management (BSBA)
    • Business Administration to Management (BSBA)
    • Business Administration to Marketing (BSBA)
    • Business Administration to Real Estate (BSBA)
    • Chemistry to Chemistry (BS)
    • Chemistry to Secondary Education, Chemistry (BSED)
    • Communication to Communication (BS)
    • Computer Science to Computer Science (BS)
    • Mathematics to Mathematics (BS)
    • Mathematics to Secondary Education, Mathematics (BSED)
    • Physcis to Physics (BS)
    • Physics to Secondary Education, Physics (BSED)
    • Early Childhood to Early Childhood Education (BSED)
    • Psychology to Psychology (BA)
    • Psychology to Psychology (BS)
  • Course Equivalencies
  • LCCC/Clarion General Education Guidelines 
  • Campus Visits

Delaware Valley College

De Sales University

Drexel University