Special Programs

Cougar Payment Plan
Although tuition at Lehigh Carbon Community College is the lowest of any college or university in the area, many students find it difficult to make one lump-sum payment at the beginning of each semester. To make it easier for students to pay tuition, the college has introduced an interest-free monthly payment option. An enrollment fee is charged per semester.  The payment plan provides students with the option to stretch tuition payments to 5 interest-free monthly payments. The amount due is based on the date students enroll in the payment plan   For additional information or to enroll in the plan click on online tuition payments Credit Card/ACH Payment/Cougar Payment Plan Link.

Employment Retraining Opportunity (ERO)
LCCC created the ERO program to offer tuition-free education to workers laid off by Lehigh and Carbon County employers. Applicants must complete the ERO Application and provide appropriate documentation from their employer. Approved applicants receive one semester of a maximum of 12 credits tuition-free. Students are responsible for payment of fees. Students who plan to enroll more than one semester will be provided assistance in identifying alternative forms of financial aid. Call the Admission Office to learn more about eligibility requirements at 610-799-1575.

Tax Credit
Tax benefits may be available to you if you are paying for education costs for yourself or for an immediate member of your family. Additional information may be obtained from your tax preparer or the internal Revenue Service. (www.irs.gov)

Private Scholarships
The college annually receives information about funds from individuals and foundations in our sponsoring area.

The college also receives information from companies and groups that are interested in providing scholarships to deserving students. Eligibility and application procedures are determined by the donor. Further information is available on the LCCC web page under scholarships.

Veterans Benefits
The Veterans Administration provides benefits to veterans and eligible dependents of veterans. Interested students should contact Veterans Information in Enrollment Services, 610-799-1177.