DIGital ESsay Tutor - DIGEST (formerly OWT). This page is currently under construction.

DIGEST is available to LCCC students seeking support for written assignments in spring, fall, and summer semesters. This service runs from the first day of classes through final exam week.

• Submit only one assignment per day. Do not submit multiple assignments in one email.

• All assignments are read in the order they are received.

• Please allow up to 48 hours for return of your assignment.

• Review and follow tutor comments before sending a revision.

• For each new tutor session, start a new email thread. Do not use the reply button to send revisions or new assignments to DIGEST.

• Markup copies may be printed, or forwarded, for professors to track student progress.

• Please remember, tutors do not proofread, edit or correct papers; we offer suggestions for improvement.

Steps to submit an assignment:

1. Using your LCCC student email only (, type DIGEST Submission in the subject line.

2. Copy and paste the following form into the body of your email and add the requested information (see sample). Missing information may delay the processing of your essay.

Copy & Paste into email

First and last name:



Assignment type and prompt:

Desired focus for this session:                                            

SAMPLE email

First and last name: Joe Smith

Class:ENG 105 (three letters + three numbers)

Instructor: Dr. Keller

Assignment type and prompt: Descriptive; Describe my workplace using all five senses. (Typical assignments include narrative, descriptive, process, comparison, cause/effect, research, literature review, observation, etc.)

Desired focus for this session: supporting points, identifying and correcting run-on sentences (Potential focuses include thesis, topic sentences, supporting ideas, organization, MLA or APA formatting for citations, diction, verb tenses, comma errors, wordiness, etc.)

3. Attach your assignment (.doc or .docx only) via the paperclip icon. You may attach one other supporting document, such as a rubric or assignment sheet.

4. Email your assignment to

5. A confirmation of submission will be sent to your email address.