Academic Advisors

The Main Campus Advising Center is located in SSC 4.

If you are not sure who your assigned advisor is please e-mail your questions to

 Some advisors are associated with particular majors or schools and may be located outside of SSC 4.
Director of Academic Advising
Susan Fread - SSC 4
Career Advisor  
Monica Cottrell - SSC 4
Transfer/Honors/PTK Advisor  
Ginny Mihalik - SSC 4
Academic/International Student Advisor  
Christine Orban - SSC 4
School of Business
Mary Black - TC 114
Eileen Gaffney - ARC 107I
Ilona McGogney - ARC 107A
Christine Wargo - ARC 107C
School of Computer Sciences & the Arts
Becki Silver - TC 224
School of Education
Julie Pittas - SH 130
School of Health Care
Donna Kulik - SSC 4
Kate MacDonald - SSC 4
Heather Ortwein - SSC 4
Deb Rentler - SSC 4
School of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Neal Novak - ARC 314A
School of Math and Science
Kathryn Lange - SH 109H
School of Technology
Mary Black - TC 114
John Vlot - Donley
Northern Tier (Morgan/Carbon)
Alison Piatt - Jim Thorpe
Other Advising Services  
Transfer Services (LCCC credits to other institutions)
Credit Transfer (incoming credits to LCCC)