Password Help and General FAQ

Student Password Help and General FAQ

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Why is logging out of the portal so important?

The portal keeps you connected to LCCC and all of your student information. To protect the privacy of your account, remember to log out of each session and close all browsers. When you go to Bannerweb or your Email within the portal, separate browser windows open. It is important that you log out of ALL of these applications and close ALL browsers to keep your information secure.

To logout of the portal, click on the [Sign Out] button in the upper right corner of the portal screen. Check the bottom of the monitor to make sure all open windows have been closed before leaving a computer.

What should I do if I lost or never received my portal account or password information?

If you never received or have lost your myLCCC portal username and/or password letter, you can do one of the following:

  • In person: Bring 2 valid forms of ID (one must be a photo ID) to Enrollment Services on the Schnecksville Campus. You can also go to one of the sites for assistance. Hours for the Morgan and Carbon sites are 8am-5pm. Hours at the Donley site are 9-530, Mon.-Thursday and 8-430 on Friday. Stop by any of the main desk areas of these campuses to obtain your login and password information. Again, bring two forms of ID, one with a photo on it.
  • By mail: Fill out the Portal Assistance Form and a copy of your original letters will be sent to you via postal mail. For your protection, your ID letter will ONLY be sent to the mailing address that LCCC has on file.

I forgot my user ID but have my original password letter

If you have never logged into the myLCCC Portal, you can use the hint below to recall your username and your password letter to login. If that does not help, please contact Enrollment Services.

Hint: Your portal username and email address are the same. Example: portal username = jstudent, email account = jstudent( Only use the part before the @ sign.

I forgot my password, but know my username

When you logged into the myLCCC portal for the first time, you set up your security questions and answers. Enter your portal username in the 'Forgot Password' box just below the login boxes on the Portal login page. You will see the security questions you set up. After you answer the questions, you will need to reset your password.

What browsers are supported?

  • Internet Explorer - version 7 or higher - JavaScript enabled
  • FireFox - version 3 or higher - JavaScript enabled


If you are having trouble after you login to the portal, such as portlets not showing all or some of the information, you may be using an unsupported browser. Try a supported browser and make sure you have allowed for pop-ups for the portal.

Will Yahoo, Bing, Norton, or AOL add-on toolbars affect my ability connect or access things in the portal?

Yes, there is a very good chance that your ability to view or login to the portal will be interfered with if you have any of these tool bars on your computer. You will need to remove them if you want to use the portal on your home computer. The portal uses pop-up windows and secure pages.

How do I change my security questions and answers?

On the navigation bar at the top of any portal screen, select "my menu" then "My Account". In the left panel, select "Update Password Reset Questions". Type in your new questions and/or answers and BE SURE TO CLICK THE [SAVE] BUTTON.

What is the 'Launch Pad'?

The Launch Pad is a tool which contains shortcuts to allow students easy access to the most visited places. Among other things, you will find direct links to Angel(our online learning system), your class schedule, financial aid, student bill and email in the Launch Pad.

I am having trouble connecting to the icon on the Launch Pad for my schedule

Try clicking on the item "Connect to Bannerweb" to retrieve your class schedule through the Student Tab. If this works, check for pop-up blockers and/or add-on tool bars and make sure you are using a supported browser.

I am having trouble connecting to Angel (the "Connect to Online Classes" icon in the Launch Pad) - what should I do?

Try clicking on other applications in the Launch Pad. If those applications open, this is not a portal issue. Please contact 610-799-1919 for assistance with Angel.

What is the 'Control Panel' used for?

The control panel is where you go to change passwords, reset security questions, and see what documents, blogs, and content you have access to within the portal.

Creating strong passwords

Follow the instructions in the "Reset Password" portlet and use the following tips:

  • Set your password to something that is easy to remember, so it does not need to be written down.
  • Make your password a minimum of eight characters in length.
  • You should be able to type your password quickly, for security purposes.
  • Try using a complete sentence that begins with a capital letter and has a numeric value in it. For example: Ihave2birds
  • Further increase security by adding special characters, such as ! or @.
  • You should avoid complete words, unless you mix the spelling with numbers, such as 'C4r0us3!' in place of 'carousel'.
  • Never share your password with anyone.

Choosing good security questions

  • Answers to your security questions are not case sensitive.
  • Choose a question only you know the answer to - make sure the question isn't associated with your username or password.
  • Pick a question that can't be answered through research (for example, avoid your mother's maiden name, your birth date, your first or last name, your social security number, your phone number, etc).
  • A more recent bit of advice is to employ misdirection, as long as you remember you have done this. For example, if your first name is Jim, create a question such as "First name?", but put the answer as "Bob".

Why do I receive a message about secure and non-secure items when I use the LCCC Portal?

At LCCC we believe your privacy is important. We use encryption to make sure that data that is in your account is secured. Some of the information from external sites is not encrypted and generates this warning. Be assured that all information retrieved from the LCCC internal systems is protected. Click [No] to continue and see all content, but only if this is a trusted site. If you would like to disable the warning message, please follow these steps:

What is "My Profile"?

My Profile is your pages. You can personalize your profile, add content and pages.

Who can see My Profile?

You control who can and cannot see your profile. To see who can see your profile, go to your profile and click configuration.

I cannot login to Bannerweb. When I click on the link inside the portal, it gives me an error message.

To test your ability to connect to external systems from within the portal, click on other Launch Pad links, such as "Check Student Email" and "Check Library Account". Also check the browser you are using - supported browsers are:

  • Internet Explorer - version 7 or higher - JavaScript enabled
  • FireFox - version 3 or higher - JavaScript enabled

Check the SYSTEM CHECK box on the lower left of the login page. This will tell you if you have a component missing, which may be causing the problem.

Also make the myLCCC Portal a Trusted Site.

Understanding the Portal Session Timeouts

As part of the portal upgrade in June 2011, we will no longer see a session timeout warning message - your connection will just timeout after 15 minutes. We proved our vendor's warning message to be inaccurate, often causing the connection to timeout in fewer than 15 minutes of inactivity. After the timeout occurs, when you click on an item in the portal, you will now be redirected to a new login page - it has an image of the Rothrock Library at Main Campus.

For reference, the Portal session timeout is not linked to, and will not affect, other systems. For example, if your portal session does timeout while you are working in ANGEL, Banner, or Gmail, you will not lose your connection to those systems. You may continue to work in the applications you launched from the portal, regardless of whether the portal browser is live, timed out, or even closed.

The purpose of the timeout is to secure your personal data when you are using public systems, such as libraries or computer labs. The portal provides access to Banner, which allows you to see your home address, course information, and financial data. If you walk away from a computer without logging off from the portal, someone could use your portal connection to view this information. In addition to logging out of the portal, and all external applications launched from the portal, you should also close all open browsers when you are finished.

There is no way to opt-out of these portal session timeouts, or mark a particular computer system as "private". Other systems have similar timeout security measures, including Banner, online banking services and e-commerce sites.