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How do I share my document with specific people?

How do I change my font, text size or line spacing?

How do I upload a document to my Google docs?

How do I create a document?

How do I add images, links or comments to my Document?

How do I publish or print my document?

How do I see the revision history of my document?

I uploaded a document and the formatting is all messed up.

Google docs has limited text and styles and will convert the document.  Sometimes this messes up the formatting of the original document.  Sometimes it helps to save the document as an office 2003 document before uploading. 

The only way to keep the document intact in its original form is to de-select the box marked "convert to Google Docs format" (on the "Upload Files" page).  Currently the "convert to Google Docs format" box is always checked, and you have to un-check it if you don't want your document converted. 

If you don't convert to Google Docs format, you can't work with the document online using the Google Docs applications.  But you can always convert it later if you want.  You just download the file and then re-upload it and check the box to convert to Google Docs format.  And you can still keep the copy of the un-converted file in your Google Docs account, just in case you don't like the side-effects of the conversion.

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