What is a Web-enhanced Face-to-Face Course?

A "web-enhanced" course is a regular face-to-face class that uses WebStudy to deliver selected resources online. It includes all regularly scheduled class meetings on campus PLUS course content that will be accessed via a computer with an Internet connection and may include:

  • Syllabus
  • Announcements
  • Resources and Web-links
  • Lecture Notes & Handouts
  • Course calendar
  • Course e-mail
  • Discussion forums

Your instructor will let you know if they are using WebStudy in their class and help you understand their expectations of online use.

Demonstration of Possible Course Components

  1. We recommend that you complete the WebStudy Online Student Orientation before taking an online or hybrid course for the first time.
  2. Explore all areas. Try the sample quizzes and post to the discussion forums and assignment dropbox to see how they function. It's best to try them here before you must submit something that will be graded.

Admission and Registration

Admissions, registration procedures and course or program prerequisites for these courses are the same as for all other on-campus courses. Applicants submit an application for admission to the Admission's Office, meet the standard entrance requirements of the college, and must be formally admitted to the college to register for any credit courses. The courses will appear on student transcripts as sections of regular LCCC courses.