Testing Center Policies

General Rules

  • All cell phones, pagers and electronics must be turned completely off, including electronic watches. No Exceptions. (If the student is expecting an emergency type phone call, the student may call the intended caller and give them the number to campus safety, who will relay any emergency message.)
  • No food, gum chewing or drinks are allowed in the Test Center.
  • No hats, caps or headwear of any type may be worn in the testing labs unless there are religious concerns or the headwear is a necessary accommodation with documentation.
  • Purses must be closed completely and placed under the desk; if the purse cannot close it must be placed in the bookcase. (Small wallets may be placed on the desktop.)
  • Once in the lab students cannot go into a purse, book bag/backpack or pocket.

Student Policies

  • Children are not allowed in the Test Center. Children cannot be left unattended in the lobby area. (Test Center staff members are required to call campus safety at 610-799-1169 if children are left unattended.)
  • All students are expected to meet the LCCC Academic Honesty Policy. If it is determined that you have used unauthorized materials at your desk or that you are looking at a test other than your own, your test will be collected from you. An “Irregularities Form” will be completed and a copy sent to you at the address on file, your instructor, the department dean and the Dean of Student Development. (It is up to your instructor and the policy of that particular division as to what are the ramifications for that particular exam.)
  • If a student is caught twice in the Test Center using unauthorized material, the student will be barred from using the Test Center for the rest of the current semester and the next semester (this includes summer sessions). Students taking a college entrance exam will have their scores voided; the exam is non-refundable and at the least allowed to retest the following semester, the maximum pending the level of the irregularity may warrant possible suspension.
  • Testing materials may not be taken with you when you leave the Testing Center. This includes the test, answers, charts, scratch paper. These items will be attached to your test.
  • Students should allow plenty of time to complete tests. However, if a student requires an accommodation prior to testing please contact Disability Support Services. Do not wait until the last minute to sign in for a test. Plan your time wisely. The Testing Center will adhere to the timelines set forth by faculty.
  • Cutoff time for administration is mandated by the wall clock located in the Testing Center. This policy is strictly enforced.
  • All exams will be collected at the closing time designated for that day. No Exceptions. The staff is required to call campus safety at 610-799-1169 if the student does not comply.
  • The last online/instructional test is given out 1 hour and 20 minutes before closing time - plan ahead!