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The Roberta and Ernest Scheller Jr. Family Foundation Scholarship

(Restricted to Schuykill County Residents)


  • Paid to an approved institution for tuition and fees for a maximum of four semesters.  The Scheller Family Foundation scholarship is “last in” financial aid, and shall cover only that portion of a qualified awardees tuition and fees not covered by federal and state aid, excepting student loans.


  • Must be a current Schuylkill County resident AND
  • Have been a Schuylkill County resident during attendance and graduation from LCCC
  • Must be a recent graduate, or plan on graduating in the current year AND
  • Have earned or will earn either an Assoc. of Arts and/or Assoc. of Applied Science from one of the full degree programs offered at LCCC’s Morgan Center
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 minimum
  • Applicants must demonstrate a financial need by completing a FAFSA prior to April 1 and for each year in which they will receive the scholarship.
  • Must be accepted by:
    • An institution of Pennsylvania State System of High Education (PASSHE) OR
    • An institution such as Cedar Crest College approved upon special request
  • Student must be accepted to a program of study for a baccalaureate degree that can be completed in a maximum of two years (Full time, four semesters.  Summer and inter-sessions not included)
  • Application must include a copy of the Letter of Acceptance from the institution
  • Applicant must consent to release of financial aid and transcript information to the LCCC Foundation for purposes of determining continuing eligibility
  • Provide the Foundation, and keep current, email and telephone contact information once student has begun at the institution
  • Participate in a work study at the University each semester.  (A part time or full-time job is equivalent to work study)
  • Agree in advance if the student withdraws from classes, the refund will be sent directly to the LCCC Foundation.


  • Does not include LCCC Certificate programs
  • Applicants must be resident of Schuylkill County and have been a Schuylkill County resident during attendance and graduation at LCCC.

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