Summer Financial Aid at LCCC

Before LCCC can process your financial aid for the summer you must:

1. have a completed FAFSA on file for the current academic year
(ex.: 13/14 FAFSA for summer 2014 classes)
2. be registered for all summer classes you wish to take.

Your summer financial aid eligibility is based on what type of aid is available to you after the fall and spring semesters are completed.

For example:
● If you received a Pell grant for the fall and spring semesters and did not use 100% of the Pell grant you may have eligibility for the summer. However based on how much Pell grant eligibility you have left, it may or may not cover the full cost of your summer classes.

● If you received a student loan for the fall and spring semesters and did not use 100% of the loan, you may have eligibility for the summer.  You must be enrolled in six credits during the summer in order to borrow through the student loan program. The six credits can be in either the Summer 1 or Summer 2 session, both Summer 1 and Summer 2 sessions or the Summer 10-week session. If you withdraw from a summer class before it begins and/or fall below six credits and have a student loan, the loan will be canceled because you will no longer be enrolled in 6 credits. Any balance remaining will be your responsibility.

● You must submit an online PHEAA State Grant Summer Application to be considered for a summer PHEAA State Grant. Any state grants you receive for the summer could jeopardize future state grant eligibility because of the 2-year limit on state grants for associate degree programs. Information about summer state grants from PHEAA can be found at Click on the State Grant Program and then on Pennsylvania Summer Sate Grant Program.

Additional information about summer financial aid:

1. You will receive notification by mail from the Office of Financial Aid regarding your financial aid eligibility for your summer classes. You may also check your LCCC portal for summer financial aid eligibility.

2. Satisfactory academic progress is reviewed after the spring term. If you are not in good academic standing based on the Office of Financial Aid’s academic progress policy, your SUMMER AID WILL BE CANCELED AND YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BALANCE OWING FOR YOUR SUMMER CLASSES.

3. Full payment of your bill is due before beginning your summer classes if you are not eligible for summer financial aid.

4. Withdraw immediately from any classes you have registered for during the summer if you will not be attending. If you do not officially withdraw, you will be responsibile for all charges for the courses you are enrolled for. 

Guest students and summer financial aid eligibility

  • If you are currently attending (matriculating) at another college and are taking courses at Lehigh Carbon Community for the summer you are considered a "guest" student at LCCC.  Guest students ARE NOT eligible to receive financial aid at Lehigh Carbon Community College.  "Guest" students are only eligible for financial aid at their home school.