Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is currently staffed with seven (6) uniformed officers at LCCC Schnecksville and three (3) uniformed officers at LCCC Allentown. The officers’ training includes CPR certification, knowledge in basic first aid, defensive tactics techniques and Act 235, The Lethal Weapons Training Act. The Lethal Weapons Training Act's purpose is to provide for the education, training, and certification of privately employed agents who, as an incidence to their employment, carry lethal weapons through a program administered or approved by the Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police.

The officers at LCCC are required to complete and be certified in the Lethal Weapons Training without firearms. The course consists of the following:

  1. Legal Authority
  2. Constitutional Authority
  3. Pennsylvania Crimes Code
  4. Limited Authority
  5. Incident Investigation
  6. Testifying in Court
  7. Principles of Justification
  8. Self-Defense

Officers often take other courses that will help them perform their duties in a proficient, professional manner. They are given information on seminars/workshops such as Conflict Management, Apprehension Procedures and Public Relations for their consideration. Any course that is available to the officer to enhance his/her training is also available to the general public to help them enhance their own safety.

The Department of Public Safety also utilizes the Criminal Justice students at the college as a student patrol. The members of the student patrols assist the uniformed officers in the patrolling of the campus, issuing of parking citations, and any other situations that may arise. The student patrols are given an introduction lesson to their function prior to actual duty.

Public Safety officer respond to a variety of calls for service. The officers assist with locked vehicles and jump starts for vehicle. Officers assist with medical calls up to an including calling for EMS and ambulance. Based on availability, officers will escort staff or students upon requests.