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The ePortfolio Showcase and Awards is a celebration of student achievements and goals presented by the Career Development Center.  The event supports Lehigh Carbon Community College students on their path to an associate degree, encourages their personal and professional development through increased engagement in their education, and celebrates their accomplishments by providing an opportunity for them to showcase their achievements and goals using their ePortfolio as a tool.

The next ePortfolio Showcase and Awards will be Friday, February 26, 2016 at 10:00 am.  Join us as a sponsor or guest!


Congratulate the Winners of our Second Showcase and Awards

Photo of participants of the December 2014 ePortfolio Showcase & Awards


Pictured from left to right:  Searra Sawka, Christian Lopez, Gabriel Scott, Kaitlyn Klotz, Dominic Barone, Caitlin Carbone, Ellie Stempinski, Sarah Sewdass, Clark Toussaint, Jordan Biery and Jennifer Modrich-Zughbi.

Students who participated in the ePortfolio Showcase & Awards agreed to share their work via the LCCC website so others can benefit by seeing their examples.  Please note:  you are viewing each ePortfolio as it was at the time of the Showcase.  ePortfolios are always evolving and some people have multiple portfolios.  If an individual provides you with a URL that links to different pages, please honor their preferences by using each portfolio for its intended purpose.  Lehigh Carbon Community College appreciates each of our students and alumni who participated in a Showcase and we are grateful for their willingness to share their work. 

Winners of the Visa Gift Cards:
1st Place Group 1:  Jordan Biery           1st Place Group 2:  Sarah Sewdass
2nd Place Group 1:  Caitlin Carbone      2nd Place Group 2:  Christian Lopez
3rd Place Group 1:  Elinor Stempinski    3rd Place Group 2:  Dominic Barone

Fall 2014 Awardee Logo


Image of Dominic Barone

Communications Major

Image of Jordan Biery

Natural Science Life Science

Image of Catlin Carbone

Psychology Major


 Image of Kaitlyn Klotz

Physics Major

 Image of Christian Lopez

Music sound Production/
TV Film Major

 Jennifer Modrich-Zughbi's Wordle

Human Services Major

 Searra Sawka at her own Book Signing

Film Production Major

Image of Gabriel Scott

Biology Major

Image of Sarah Sewdass

Natural Science Life Science

 Image of Ellie Stempinski

Chemical Technologies Major

 Image of Clark Toussaint

Mechanical Technology Major

The ePortfolio Showcase and Awards event was emceed by the Fall 2014 ePortfolio Student Assistant, Christine Cillo. Students were invited to showcase their ePortfolios and compete for one of three prizes ($200, $100, and $50 Visa gift cards).  Students in their second year of ePortfolio development were judged together, while students in their first semester of ePortfolio were judged together.  The Award-winning ePortfolios are showcased on the LCCC website and students who participated are permitted to use the Awardee image on their own portfolios. Winners are selected by employer, college, and community member judges based on criteria established by the Career Development Center. All students who participate are awarded a Certificate of Achievement for developing their ePortfolio and presenting it at the Showcase.  We are grateful for the support of our ePortfolio Coaches and Judges from LCCC and from the following organizations:  Bloomsburg University, Coordinated Health, Lehigh Valley PBS/PBS39, and T-Mobile.

The ePortfolio Showcase and Awards was initially funded through a Lehigh Carbon Community College Entrepreneurial Project Grant.  We are delighted to have Albright College join us as a sponsoring partner in 2016!  Individuals and organizations that would like to support this event are invited to contact Tina Moyer, Director, Career Development Center to discuss additional sponsorship opportunities.  The next Showcase is being planned for February 26, 2016.

2014 Spring Award Winners

Campus and community members who would like to become involved with a future event, please contact Julie Ambrose  at 610-799-1090 in the Career Development Center. Thank you!